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O2 / Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

by Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc

Measurements of dissolved oxygen (DO) in industrial processes serve to control the oxygen concentration, optimize the process and yield. Besides inline measurement the off- or near-line measurement system is often used for control at different sites with a compact portable transmitter/sensor system with data-logger, sampling device and interface ...

Galvanic Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

by WTW GmbH - a xylem brand

WTW offers three types of galvanic dissolved oxygen sensors, none of which require polarization time prior to measurement as is the case with other D.O. sensors. WTW D.O. sensors are equipped with preassembled membrane caps preventing sensor prep errors caused by improper membrane installation, and have built-in temperature compensation ...

DULCOTEST - Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

by ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH

Our product family DULCOTEST Sensors for Dissolved Oxygen offers two sensor series in various designs and measuring ranges for the solution of your measuring task. Sensor types: Type DO1 - bar-shaped sensor for simple installation in standard dip pipes in various applications e.g. fish farming, waterworks and environmental control. ...

DO4000 - Dissolved Oxygen Probe

by Severn Trent Services, Inc

The Series DO4000 sensor, in conjunction with the MicroChem®2[S4] Series 4000 transmitter is a simple and reliable Dissolved Oxygen measuring system. The immersion probes are designed for direct insertion into tanks, open channels and basins. A flow-through cell version allows measurements in continuous non-pressurized sampling systems.

HORIBA - OM-51 - Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter

by HORIBA Europe GmbH

This field-type dissolved oxygen meter measures dissolved oxygen concentration (DO), oxygen concentration (O2), saturation (SAT.RATIO) and temperature of water solutions. It uses a laboratory sensor to enable BOD measurement. Waterproof construction enables use at virtually any measurement site. This meter is being used in research institutions, ...

MonoLine Oxi 3310 IDS - Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meters

by WTW GmbH - a xylem brand

The Oxi 3310 IDS is handy dissolved oxygen measurement at its best: compact and space-saving, reliable, easy-to-use with menu controlled user interface. In combination with the universal optical D.O. sensor FDO® 925 many applications can be covered from surface and ground water applications, monitoring of online systems and many more.With an Oxi ...

IC Controls - Model 825 - Quick-Union Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

by IC Controls

The model 825 D.O. sensor is accurate, self-cleaning, and rugged. The quick-union sensor is recommended for difficult applications which require frequent removal of the sensor for calibration, cleaning or Q.C. checks. The true-union-style threaded fitting locks in the D.O. sensor for extra safety and very easy removal. The model 825 is offered in ...

IC Controls - Model 814 - True-Union Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

by IC Controls

The true-union sensor is recommended for applications where frequent removal in tough applications is required for calibration, cleaning or Q.C. checks. The true-union-style threaded fitting locks in the DO sensor for extra safety and very easy removal. The model 814 sensor is a downsized version of the model 825. The model 814 is offered in an ...

CO2 / Dissolved Carbon Dioxide

by Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc

Besides pH and dissolved oxygen measurements, reliable monitoring and control of the CO2 partial pressure is important for successful fermentation. The oxidation of carbohydrates to CO2 water results from aerobic respiration. METTLER TOLEDO's new CO2 measuring system is specially designed for in-situ measurement into a bioreactor and therefore ...

IC Controls - Model 800 - Dissolved Oxygen Junction Box

by IC Controls

D.O. sensor signals can easily be disturbed because the electrode puts out a tiny signal. Use of an industrial D.O. interface strengthens the signal so it has a reasonable chance of remaining stable in a plant environment. D.O. electrodes have a very high impedance which makes their leads like an antenna that easily picks up electrical noise. A ...

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