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Model Series MR 520RC, MR 540RC and MR 550RC - Cabinet Mounted Dosing System

by Controlmatik ABW d.o.o.     based in Domzale, SLOVENIA

The MR 500RC series of dosing unit is used for accurate dosing gas chlorine, sulphor dioxide and other gases in water supplies, waste water treatment plants and industry. The dosing capacity of MR 520RC is up to 10 kg/h, the MR 540RC dosing capacity up to 40 kg/h and the dosing capacity of MR 550 is up to 200 kg/h.

Dosing System

by Verderflex Peristaltic Pumps - part of the Verder Group     based in Castleford, UNITED KINGDOM

Constant Dosing: Constant pumps (C) can be adjusted manually via frontal keypad or just turning a knob. The number of strokes per minute have to be set manually by the operator and do not vary automatically during the entire dosing process, until the next manual input. Fixed flow rate and speed regulation peristaltic pumps fall into this category.

Valvan - Weighing and Dosing System

by Valvan Baling Systems NV     based in Menen, BELGIUM

To accurately feed the press we can offer a weighing and dosing system. By using this, the bale weight accuracy can be drastically raised.

ITK Envifront - Model SSDA - Micro Dosing System

by ITK Envifront AB     based in Växjö, SWEDEN

SSDA is intended for cyclical or continual injection of sorbent/additives in flue gases. This can include heavy metals, dioxines or the neutralisation of acid gases in flue gases e.g. separation of mercury and dioxines in a crematorium or a facility for hazardous waste. In the flue gas duct in the vicinity of e.g. a contactor or a filter the ...

Chlorine Dioxide Dosing

by Controlmatik ABW d.o.o.     based in Domzale, SLOVENIA

Chlorine dioxide analyzer M 1053 ClO2 on-line chlorine dioxide measurement. PI regulation included, galvanicaly separated current outputs, easy assembling and management, IP 65 housing.

Novotec - Dosing Systems

by Novotec nv     based in Merelbeke, BELGIUM

Novotec builds dosing systems for powders according the needs of the client. These dosing systems are also used in our automatic polymer units. A special designed screw, combined with an electric motor, ensures precise dosing values in any circumstance. The unit is fitted with a point level detection system, that informs the operator in case the ...

Dosing Systems

by Aqua industrial Group SpA     based in Reggio Emilia, ITALY

AQUA has always given particular attention to the development and manufacturing of new products for water treatment. Today, after many years of research, we are proud to present a new range of dosing pumps and controllers. AQUA pumps and controllers are versatile and perfect for water treatment, swimming pool, process, cleaning and general ...

Model A - Dosing System

by Tecme srl     based in TRENTO, ITALY

Ground floor dosing systems with reagent storage tank integrated in the supporting structure. The instrumentation is installed on the front panel and includes an electromagnetic dosing pump controlled electronically with both manual and automatic control of the flow measurement, fuse holder IP 65 with fuse protection. Possibility to install the ...

Floralife, FloraCare - Dosing Systems

by Floralife     based in Walterboro, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA)

Floralife dosing units are water powered systems designed to properly measure and mix Floralife solutions. These systems are easily installed in your shop or warehouse and quickly pay for themselves in terms of time and accuracy. Research shows that improperly measured flower food is worse that not using flower food at all. Floralife dosing ...

Biodoser - Model 50 - Dosing System

by STS Olbramovice s.r.o.     based in Olbramovice, CZECH REPUBLIC

Biodoser 50 is an equipment for the dosing of biomass (corn silage, grass silage, crop residues, etc.) into the biogas fermenter. The entire structure is built on the machine carrying the base frame on which is mounted bath dispenser, floor chain conveyor and the dispensing unit

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