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Van Pack - Model 200 Series - Drain Cleaning Unit

by Flowplant Group Ltd     based in Salisbury, UNITED KINGDOM

The ‘200 Series’ van pack has a powerful performance of 200 bar @ 41 litre per minute. It is suitable for drains up to 200 – 250 mm in diameter and is aimed primarily at the domestic & small commercial drain cleaning markets. Being compact and very lightweight at only 465 kg’s, the ‘200 Series’ is ideal to ...

Gorlitz - Model GO 68HD Series - Heavy Duty Drain Cleaning Machines

by Gorlitz Sewer & Drain, Inc.     based in Santa Fe Springs, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Gorlitz Model GO 68HD Series heavy duty drain cleaning machines without compromise is the choice of the professional. Due to its power, motor and gearbox combination these models will out-perform and out-last all other machines in its class. These heavy duty machines are available in two different versions, either with an open steel reel or ...

DRAINFIX - Model CLEAN - Filter Substrate Channel System

by Hauraton GmbH & Co. KG / HAURATON FRANCE     based in Rastatt, GERMANY

Effective and ecological rain water treatment through filter substratum channel. Filter substrate channel system that can be used in all applications but especially in densley built ares. The DRAINFIX CLEAN system is an intelligent solution for the draining, collection and treatment at source of storm water runoffs. The system comprises of heavy ...

Steelkane Rods and Accessories

by Wardsflex     based in Mildenhall, UNITED KINGDOM

Wardsflex Steelkane rods, manufactured from high tensile steel, are the quickest and easiest way to clean or clear drains and sewers.

Gulley Grabs & Stone Pickers

by Wardsflex     based in Mildenhall, UNITED KINGDOM

Wardsflex Gulley Grabs & Stone Pickers are one of the simplest and most effective tools for removing debris and obstructions from within:

Kyna-Colt - Model CO2 - Kyna-Colt Kinetic Pulse Cleaning System

by Wardsflex     based in Mildenhall, UNITED KINGDOM

Just thirty seconds work and a pulse of kinetic energy generated from a small CO2 cylinder will clear 95% of all blockages in sinks, washbasins, baths, showers & urinals.

Industrial & Institutional Clean Solutions - ECO-DRAIN(POWDER)DRAIN MAINTAINER

by Bionetix International     based in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, QUEBEC (CANADA)

ECO-DRAIN contains microorganisms that are capable of degrading a wide range of animal and vegetable oils and greases under aerobic, facultative,anaerobic conditions. When applied on a regular basis, ECO-DRAIN reducesthe accumulation of grease in sumps,drains and traps. By degrading the grease, other solids are free to flow through the system. ...

Roto-Rooter - Drain and Grease Trap Treatment

by Roto-Rooter Group, Inc.     based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA)

Roto-Rooter - - Drain and Grease Trap Treatment. To help solve drain line blockage problems, commercial strength Roto-Rooter Drain Line & Grease Trap Treatment is ideal for restaurants, fast food locations and any business with heavy drain line usage. Roto-Rooter Drain Line & Grease Trap Treatment helps slow buildup in pipes, reduces the ...

Roto-Rooter - Waste Digestant

by Roto-Rooter Group, Inc.     based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA)

Specifically formulated to aid in the rejuvenation of failed septic tank and cesspool drain fields, Roto-Rooter Waste Digestant is a special blend of enhanced bacteria. It's an environmentally-friendly and non-toxic. The concentrated solution eliminates organic solids and restores the system to optimum operation conditions.

Roto-Rooter - Sugar Residue Digestant

by Roto-Rooter Group, Inc.     based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA)

When used with a special time flow meter this product eliminates 'sugar snakes'... those buildups in the drain lines of beverage stations dispensing soft drinks, soft serve ice cream or any sugar-laden product. Sugar Residue Digestant is non-toxic and NSF-approved, so it's safe for use around food areas. Roto-Rooter® Brand Sugar Residue ...

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