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Integration Method - Drinking Water Systems

by Kurita Europe GmbH     based in Ludwigshafen, GERMANY

Kurita´s patented supporting method for the treatment of drinking water systems in waterworks and municipal water production plants.

Siliphos - Hardness Stabilization In Drinking Water Systems

by Kurita Europe GmbH     based in Ludwigshafen, GERMANY

Kurita´s specialty product for hardness stabilization in drinking water systems.

Tethys Instruments - Model UV300-5D - Online Drinking Water Analyzer

by Tethys Instruments SAS     based in Meylan - Inovallee, FRANCE

The UV300-5D is a pre-defined configuration of the UV300 analyser dedicated to drinking water. It offers the possibility to monitor simultaneously FIVE parameters: - Total residual chlorine - Turbidity - pH - Conductivity - Temperature All this is done by a single unit that allows high performance measurements for an attractive price. An automatic ...

Metaqua - Drinking Water Treatment Products Against Scale and Corrosion

by Kurita Europe GmbH     based in Ludwigshafen, GERMANY

Kurita´s broad range of drinking water treatment products to avoid scale formation and corrosion, which leads to a reduction of the heavy metal contents in drinking water.

Azud Watertech - Model DWE - Mobile, Compact and Autonomous Drinking Water Plant

by Sistema Azud, S.A.     based in Alcantarilla, SPAIN

AZUD Watertech DWE is a mobile, compact and autonomous drinking water plant, to supply guaranteed high quality potable water for decentralized villages, temporary settlements and emergencies. Designed to operate with extraordinary energy efficiency, allowing the use of Renewable Sources.

Drinking Water Feeding Console

by GRAF Otto GmbH Rainwater Harvesting & Stormwater Management     based in Teningen, GERMANY

The drinking water feeding console controls and regulates the entire water requirement and guarantees outstanding operational safety due to its reliable operation. The drinking water feeding console is safety-tested in accordance with DIN 1988 and EN1717. The floating switch-controlled monitoring of the fill level in the rainwater tank ensures ...

Model 47529-U - Drinking Water Odor Standards Kit

by Sigma-Aldrich Co., LLC     based in Bellefonte, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Analytical Standard: pkg of 1 kit. Kit Components (Also available separately, product numbers in parenthesis). (± ) Geosmin (47522-U) 1 mL. 2-Methylisoborneol (47523-U) 1 mL. (±) Geosmin and 2-Methylisoborneol (47525-U) 1 mL. 2,4,6-Trichloroanisole (47526-U) 1 mL. 2-Isopropyl-3-methoxypyrazine (47527-U) 1 mL. ...

Drinking water tank, water flexible tank, water bladder

by Musthane     based in Willems, FRANCE

Muststore PWC water bladders have a pillow shape. They are foldable and light. They can be easily carried and set up. Muststore PWC drinking water flexible tanks are specially designed for the storage of water. They are used in various fields, such as agribusiness, humanitary area, public works and civilian rescue organization.

FlushInspect - Drinking Water Network Systems

by F.A.S.T. GmbH     based in Langenbrettach, GERMANY

Determining the necessity to flush a drinking water network systems. Both particles contained in drinking water and corrosion on unprotected metal pipes cause sediments. One essential measure to assure a specified drinking water quality level is to remove such sediments whenever the pipe condition requires such maintenance (flushing intervals ...

Model NexGen-SSS - Drinking Water Radiation Safety Monitor

by Technical Associates     based in Canoga Park, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Real-Time Continuous water monitoring for drinking water utility districts. Alpha, Beta, Gamma. Optional Tritium detection. WORLD’S ONLY PAG-LEVEL WATER MONITOR. MEASURES AT OR BELOW EPA/DHS PAG LEVELS, Protective Action Guideline Levels and Military Drinking Water Limits. Easy integration into facility control system.

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