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Hobas - Potable Water Pipes

by Hobas Pipe USA

Pipes and joints approved for potable water service are now available from HOBAS Pipe USA, Inc. from our Houston, Texas manufacturing facility.

Siliphos - Hardness Stabilization In Drinking Water Systems

by ICL Water Solutions - BK Giulini GmbH

ICL Water Solutions´ specialty product for hardness stabilization in drinking water systems. Siliphos is an economic and reliable water treatment system for drinking and industrial water. It is made of glassy polyphosphate spheres containing silicate and phosphate. The application is done by dispensers of variable size.

UIG - Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

by United Industries Group, Inc.

UIG will assist you in designing quality wastewater treatment and/or sewage treatment facilities for your specific needs, utilizing our bolted steel tanks, welded steel tanks and/or fiberglass storage tanks.

Biokleen - Non-Chemical Sterilisation System For Potable Water

by Fluid Dynamics International Ltd

The concept of ionisation has been around almost as long as civilisation. Its use became widespread during the roman era when silver was used in drinking water for sterilisation, many more cases have been seen in the pre-industrial era. Today ionisation has traditionally focussed on drinking water supplies, NASA use it on manned space missions and ...

Potable Water

by Neosens S.A.

Potable water meets high hygienic standards, and level of contaminants should remain very low in order to be harmless. To obtain potable water, it usually goes throught various water treatments to ensure its quality, and the extend of these treatments depends on the source of the water. Water quality is crucial for environmental, economical, and ...

Integration Method - Drinking Water Systems

by ICL Water Solutions - BK Giulini GmbH

ICL Water Solutions´ patented supporting method for the treatment of drinking water systems in waterworks and municipal water production plants.

Purolite - C120E - Domestic Water Softening - Potable Use

by Purolite Corporation

Basic Features: Application - Domestic Water Softening - Potable Use, Polymer Structure - Gel polystyrene crosslinked with divinylbenzene, Appearance - Spherical beads, Functional Group - Sulfonic acid, Ionic Form as Shipped - Na+

Drinking water tank, water flexible tank, water bladder

by Musthane

Muststore PWC water bladders have a pillow shape. They are foldable and light. They can be easily carried and set up. Muststore PWC drinking water flexible tanks are specially designed for the storage of water. They are used in various fields, such as agribusiness, humanitary area, public works and civilian rescue organization.

Husky - Helicopter Water Tanks

by Husky Portable Containment

Husky®  Helicopter Tanks are water shuttle tanks designed to be transported by helicopter and set down into forestry areas for a water supply for the firefighters whether in remote areas or not. The Helicopter Tanks are designed in a tetrahedron shape for excellent stability when being transported or just sitting on the ground.

Purolite - C104EPlus - Dealkalization; Deionization; Softening - Food and Potable Water

by Purolite Corporation

Basic Features: Application - Dealkalization; Deionization; Softening - Food and Potable Water, Polymer Structure - Porous crosslinked polyacrylic, Appearance - Spherical beads, Functional Group - Carboxylic Acid, Ionic Form as Shipped - H+

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