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Model MN-V5 - Electric Hand Push Scrubber

by Nantong Mingnuo Machinery Tools CO., Ltd.     based in Nantong City, CHINA

MN-V5 walk behind floor scrubber combines washing and drying, especially for area cleaning of ceramic tile, marble, epoxy resin and cement floors, which is widely used in supermarket, government office, hospital, hotel, terminal building, subway platform and etc.

SDS - Model 500 - Dry Scrubber

by Global Standard Technology Co., Ltd.     based in Hwaseong-si, SOUTH KOREA

Combination of adsorbent media for optimum treatment of process effluent

Ecochimica - Model DTW Series - Dry Scrubber

by Ecochimica s.r.l.     based in Creazzo (VICENZA), ITALY

Operating Principals: The air purification process is completed through odours dry scrubbing (adsorption and chemical reaction). The removal process takes place in media beds of activated alumina pellets impregnated, to remove odours molecules. The removal process is irreversible, and treats with an high efficiency a broad range of odour ...

Mapco - Model Enforcer III - Dry Scrubbers

by Midwest Air Products Co., Inc. (Mapco)     based in Traverse City, MICHIGAN (USA)

The Enforcer IIITM offers the greatest design flexibility.Counter-current flow puts the cleanest water in contact with the cleanest air in order to maximize efficiency in a relatively small volume, saving valuable floor space.

Dry Scrubbers

by KCH Services, Inc.     based in Forest City, NORTH CAROLINA (USA)

Dry scrubbers are a type of gas or air scrubbing technology that clean polluted air streams by Physical Adsorption of the contaminant onto a dry, highly porous media, rather than gas to liquid mass transfer in wet scrubbers. They do not require wastewater treatment systems, and instead use a high porosity dry media to capture and contain the ...

Dry Scrubber

by Santes Ltd. Co.     based in Temelli, TURKEY

In dry scrubber the absorption agent (usually lime or sodium bicarbonate) is fed into the reactor as a dry powder. In the reactor, gaseous pollutants are absorbed by the agent. The dose rate of reagent may depend on the temperature as well as on reagent type. In the design of SANTES Flue Gas Treatments, generally sodium bicarbonate is used as the ...

Bionomic Dri-Scrub - Dry and Dry/ Wet Combination Scrubber Systems

by Bionomic Industries Inc.     based in Mahwah, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Bionomic Dri-Scrub Dry and Wet/Dry Combination Scrubber Systems are available for gas flows from 160 to 75,000 acfm, provide particulate collection efficiencies between 98 and 99.9% on most applications, and are normally used for scrubbing fine particulate with acid gases. Dry systems utilize a dry venturi scrubber for rapid mixing of the ...

DKFIL - Dry Scrubber Abatement System

by Labiotest Srl     based in Povoletto (UD), ITALY

Abatement systems through absorption (scrubbers) are designed to remove pollutants present in a contaminated gaseous flow through the action of an adsorbing material that can be liquid (wet scrubber) or dry (dry scrubber). Labiotest offers a vast range of structural materials for the realization of dry or wet scrubbers, all equipped with ...

Duall Hexmaster - High Efficiency Dry Scrubber

by Met-Pro Environmental Air Solutions (A Subsidiary of Met-Pro Corporation)     based in Owosso, MICHIGAN (USA)

Hexmaster® high efficiency dry scrubbers are recommended for applications involving removal of aerosol mist where minimum water usage is paramount including hydrochloric, sulfuric, nitric and chromic acid scrubbing.

Hitachi - Model EAD - Enhanced All-Dry Scrubber

by Hitachi Power Systems America, Ltd. (HPSA)     based in Basking Ridge, NEW JERSEY (USA)

The Hitachi Enhanced All-Dry (EAD) scrubber is a simple and flexible technology for multi-pollutant control. Obtained through a license agreement with Solios Environment (formerly Procedair), this patented dry scrubber technology was developed in the 1980s and is the original “Enhanced” All-Dry process. The process employs an entrained ...

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