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Electronic Waste

by Kent Environment     based in Malatya, TURKEY

Electronic waste, or in abbreviated form, e-waste, waste electrical and electronic materials say. E-wastes contain toxic substances due to floor coverings, and a growing problem around the world.Örneğin, bir bilgisayar ekranında, ağırlığının %6'sı kadar kurşun bulunmaktadır. ...

TITECH Combisense - Model combisense - High Purity Metal Fractions Separator

by TOMRA Sorting (TITECH)     Office in Istanbul, TURKEY

The TITECH combisense is a specialized high end machine to separate high purity metal fractions from even the most difficult fractions in terms of composition, grain size and mix from mixed waste and metal streams.

Emak - Hammer Grinder

by Emak     based in Istanbul, TURKEY

Specially designed to grind computer patrs and all kinds of electronic waste. It decreases the volume of Breaks a regular harddisk into pieces smaller than 19mm. By grinding the pieces a second time, you may have even smaller pieces.

Emak - Crusher and Separation System

by Emak     based in Istanbul, TURKEY

Specially designed for crush and separate Motherboards, PCB's and other kind of Electronic Waste. Breaks motherboards into pieces up to 1mm. The grain size is settable. Decrasing the volume of the material, prepares the input material for recycling by multiplying the surface area. The cyclone separates the grinded grains according to their ...

Rielli - UV Water Sterilization Units

by Kazanci Environmental Technics     based in Kadikoy, TURKEY

RIELLI Ultraviolet Unit ensures sterilization of the water by means of UV rays it radiates in wavelength of 254 nanometers. It does not need any thermal or chemical processing. Piercing cell walls of the microorganisms by its ultraviolet rays, it fragments their DNA structure. This it has effect on the bacteria. In case of industrial applications, ...

Medical Waste Handling

by Kent Environment     based in Malatya, TURKEY

Medical waste in health facilities have electronic weighing of vehicles to determine the amount of medical wastes.In addition, medical waste, the collection of health facilities and medical waste transportation vehicle used for the three units.These tools are prepared in accordance with the regulation. Characteristics of waste was completely ...

Model DPM Series - Shredder

by Disan Hydraulic Machinery Co.     based in Yenibosna, TURKEY

Shredder is used with the purpose of breaking the material thrown into it. It is used in many different areas such as trash, wood, pallets, drums, cans, paper, cardboard, plastic, PVC, packaging, medical waste, electronic waste, tires, cars, etc. Engine power, construction, blades, revolutions and moments are designed suitable for the material to ...

PAM - Double Shaft Shredder

by PLAN MAKINA SAN TIC LTD.STI.     based in Izmir, TURKEY

High-Torque, low speed Double shaft Shredder; High-torque, low-speed and double-shaft machines that can make the best chippers materials that require volume reduction. Can be used in almost all types of solid waste management framework. Due to the rotation of the blades at low engine speed to obtain a high return effect. Such as white goods, End ...


by Netplasmak Ltd.     based in Esenyurt - Istanbul, TURKEY

Our industrial shredders are machines used for reducing the size of all kinds of material. Industrial shredders come in many different variations and sizes. Some examples of materials that are commonly shredded are: tires, metals, wood, plastics, and garbage. Industrial shredders are commonly used to reduce the recycling cost by shredding metals, ...

Water Level Recorder with Pressure Probe

by AKIM Hydrometry - AKIM Electronic CO.     based in Seyhan, TURKEY

Water–Level values are measured by an oil free titanium reference pressure measuring cell which senses a hydrostatic pressure of the water column by a pressure with a capacitive diagram and converts this value into an electrical signal.Then measuring values are stored in data logger which is built into the body of the pressure probe. The ...

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