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Shimadzu - Model ICPE-9000 - Plasma Emission Spectrophotometer

by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc

The simultaneous ICPE-9000 utilizes a large-scale one-inch CCD detector with increased pixel size and an Echelle spectrometer to enable high-speed measurement with the highest resolution of any system on the market. An extremely stable vacuum spectrometer equipped with semiconductor detectors, the first of its kind in an ICP emission spectrometer, ...

Model CHEM4-UV-FIBER - Educational Spectrophotometer

by Ocean Optics

The CHEM4-UV-FIBER covers the 200-885 nm range, has optical resolution of 1.0 nm (FWHM) and captures 3648 wavelengths in <1 second. The system is ideal for relative irradiance and emission measurements. The CHEM4-UV-FIBER combines a USB4000 Spectrometer with modular accessories including an ISS-UV-VIS Integrated Sampling System, a 300 µm ...

Model CHEM4-VIS-FIBER - Educational Spectrophotometer

by Ocean Optics

The CHEM4-VIS-FIBER covers the 430-990 nm range, has optical resolution of 1.0 nm (FWHM) and captures 3648 wavelengths in <1 second. The CHEM4-VIS-FIBER combines a USB4000 Spectrometer with modular accessories including an ISS-2 Integrated Sampling System, a 400 µm optical fiber and a 1-cm cuvette holder for absorbance measurements. The ...

Buck Scientific - Model Accusys 211 - Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

by Buck Scientific Inc

The Accusys 211 is the next evolution of the highly successful Buck 210-VGP, incorporating all of the features of the 210VGP along with an automatic Gas box for easy Nitrous oxide switchover. The 211 also has a hands free ignition for added safety.

Buck Scientific - Model 210VGP - Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

by Buck Scientific Inc

Standard Features: The 210/211 is shipped ready for use.  All operating conditions are pre-loaded in the internal computer, including lamp settings, secondary wavelengths, and alternate methods of analysis for over 60 elements by flame, furnace, or hydride techniques.  The three lamp turret has individual controls for alignment and ...

Jenway - Model 6300 - Spectrophotometer

by MicroBioTests Inc.

The Model 6300 is designed to provide the user with a high quality, low cost measurement system for routine analysis.

Aerodyne - Model AMS - Aerosol Mass Spectrometer System

by Aerodyne Research, Inc.

The Aerodyne aerosol mass spectrometer (AMS) is the only currently available instrument capable of providing quantitative size and chemical mass loading information in real-time for non-refractory sub-micron aerosol particles. The AMS couples size-resolved particle sampling and mass spectrometric techniques into a single real-time measurement ...

Model IFS 125 Series FT-IR - Spectrometers

by Bruker Group of Companies

The IFS 125/HR and the new IFS 125/M mobile spectrometers are the ultimate instruments for the high resolution spectroscopy. Outstanding results in your laboratory, In absorption or emission mode, the IFS 125/HR can resolve highly complex spectra into discrete lines for recognition and spectral assignment. Outstanding resolution across the entire ...

HORIBA - Model VS7000-CCD-HS - Miniature Spectrometer

by HORIBA Europe GmbH

VS7000-CCD-HS Miniature CCD Spectrometer. Available for US OEM customers only, High-performance fiber optic spectrometer for OEM volumes: UV-VIS (200–860 nm), VIS (380–750 nm), and UV-NIR (200–1050 nm), High-speed electronics (770 spectra/s), High throughput (f/2.8), Ultra-low stray light, Ideal for industrial low-light ...

Promo - Model 2000/3000 - Light-Scattering Spectrometer System for Process Monitoring and Process Measurement

by Palas GmbH

Promo is a light-scattering spectrometer system for particle size analysis and concentration determination that can be equipped with all welas sensors. Using fibre-optic cables, welas sensors – equipped with measurement volumes of different sizes – can be easily attached to the Promo 2000 and Promo 3000 and exchanged at will. These ...

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