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AP - Environmental Science Water Quality Assessment Curriculum Module

by LaMotte Co     based in Chestertown, MARYLAND (USA)

The AP Environmental Science WATER QUALITY ASSESSMENT MODULE includes an extensive curriculum that uses the exploration of the Water Quality Index to teach students STEM-based skills. Classroom and field activities satisfy Section VI (Water Pollution) of the AP Environmental Topics Outline. Includes 10 Nutrient—TTC/MacConkey BioPaddles

Delta-T - Model ML3 ThetaProbe - Soil Moisture and Temperature Sensor

by Delta-T Devices Ltd     based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM

The new ML3 ThetaProbe has extra features, improved performance and a new look. With its 1% accuracy the ThetaProbe continues to set the standard for soil moisture measurement but now also measures soil temperature.

Delta-T - Model EQ3 - Equitensiometer

by Delta-T Devices Ltd     based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM

The EQ3 Equitensiometer is an improved replacement for the EQ2 model. A new built-in temperature sensor and detachable cable system provides extra functionality and improved ease of use. The EQ3 uses class leading ThetaProbe technology to avoid the many problems of water-filled tensiometers. It measures water potential (matric potential) in the ...

Bio-Science - Model TM-100 - Toxic Mold Remediation

by Bio-Science Environmental Services and Lab, Inc     based in Boca Raton, FLORIDA (USA)

Bio-Science formulates its own scientific products. Our company has product formulation experts on staff, which formulated the TM-100 product, our unique, effective toxic mold remediation product. TM-100 is an organic-based, safe, and effective product used to clean toxic molds.TM-100 has been OSHA and University tested.

Geomatrix Earth Science - Geophysical Exploration Equipment Platform (GEEP)

by Geomatrix Earth Science Ltd     based in Leighton Buzzard, UNITED KINGDOM

The Geophysical Exploration Equipment Platform (GEEP) provides a faster more efficient survey method allowing for multiple instruments to be mounted simultaneously. This reduces survey times and allows fast coverage of large or complex areas. Efficiency is achieved by allowing multiple instruments (or sensors) to gather data simultaneously with ...

Thermotron - Impactor Test Chamber

by Thermotron Industries     based in Holland, MICHIGAN (USA)

The Thermotron Impactor Test Chamber is a sophisticated, dual-compartment environmental space. It enables the study of effects that various environmental conditions, impactor temperatures, and flow rates have on nebulizer and inhaler performance. The Chamber makes it possible to perform drug dispensement studies under carefully and accurately ...

Model CDS-5 - Cytogenetic Drying Chamber

by Thermotron Industries     based in Holland, MICHIGAN (USA)

Developed in cooperation with Mayo Clinic, Thermotron’s Cytogenetic Drying Chamber, the CDS-5, was specifically designed for conducting Cytogentic slide drying tests during harvest of in situ and non-in situ grown cultures. The CDS-5 provides the optimum controlled temperature and humidity environment, required to achieve ideal chromosome ...

MicroNiche - Science of Engineering

by Microvi Biotech     based in Hayward, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The start of the 21st century saw major efforts to apply new biological discoveries to solve the world’s problems. Genetic engineering and molecular biology are increasing our food supply and creating life-saving medicines. Leveraging powerful biological processes has opened new opportunities for cleaning our environment, providing fresh ...

RezOX gPRO - Hypolimnion Oxygenation

by Tersus Environmental, LLC     based in Cheyenne, WYOMING (USA)

The RezOX gPRO Oxygenation System is unique in its ability to maintain high levels of dissolved oxygen in ponds and other water bodies while removing nitrogen and other dissolved gases. This results in the elimination of blue green algae blooms and the anoxic conditions that allow for various chemical activities to take place that are injurious to ...


by Tersus Environmental, LLC     based in Cheyenne, WYOMING (USA)

HiSOC is based on the robust design of iSOC and possesses its low O&M and capital cost structure. HiSOC is designed with specialized fittings to deliver Hydrogen gas for reductive dechlorination of chlorinated aliphatic hydrocarbons, denitrification of nitrate and reduction of perchlorate in groundwater. The HiSOC fits in 2-inch wells or ...

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