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E. Coli Bacteria Water Testing Kit

by Schneider Laboratories Global, Inc

Protect your family from dangerous Coliform and E-Coli Bacteria. SLGI Certified Test Kit is easy and simple to use. Check for the amount of Coliform and E-Coli Bacteria in drinking water. All tests are run by EPA approved methods and meet all EPA, State and certification agencies requirements. Kit comes complete with everything needed to sample. ...


by Charm Sciences, Inc.

E*Colite is a single use, self-contained test with selective medium designed to resuscitate and detect chlorine-stressed coliform and E. coli encountered in drinking, bottled and food/beverage waters. A “bag” and “vial” version of E*Colite provide convenient, easy to use indicator screen tests for pathogen control. The ...

Green Light - Environmental Series Water Analyzers

by Baseline a MOCON company

The Clear Path to reduce water disinfection costs. Calculate live aerobic bacteria loads in as little as 45 minutes.'if something is breathing and growing, you'll know it! FAST'. Same day bacterial counts for process control. Ideal for wastewater treatment plants, drinking water treatment plants, water hygiene professionals and environmental ...


by Charm Sciences, Inc.

ColiGel is a single use, self-contained version of the E*Colite test with selective medium designed to detect coliform and E. coli in drinking, bottled and food / beverage waters. ColiGel contains a special “gelling” agent that allows quantitation of colony forming units as well as presence/absence.

Ribonuclease H from E.coli

by Life Sciences Advanced Technologies Inc

Ribonuclease H is an endonuclease which specifically degrades the RNA moiety of a DNA:RNA hybrid, without affecting the unhybridized RNA. It does not affect double-stranded RNA or DNA. It is provided in a 50% glycerol storage buffer. It is also available in a Trehalose Buffer (Suitable for lyophilization).

Colilert - 18 - Coliform and E. Coli Testing

by IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.

Colilert-18 is a test used for the detection of coliforms and E.coli in drinking water that gives you results in just 18 hours.

Colilert - Coliform and E. Coli Testing

by IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.

Coliform/E. coli Results in 24 Hours. IDEXX Colilert reagent is used around the world for the detection of coliforms and E.coli in water. Colilert, with its patented Defined Substrate Technology (DST), is used in over 90% of all US State labs. Colilert is, in fact, used more than all other methods combined (US, Canada and Japan drinking water ...

Quanti-Tray & Quanti-Tray - 2000 - Coliform and E. Coli Testing

by IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.

The IDEXX Quanti-Tray and Quanti-Tray/2000 provide easy, rapid and accurate counts of coliforms, E.coli and enterococci. The IDEXX Quanti-Tray and Quanti-Tray/2000 are semi-automated quantification methods based on the Standard Methods Most Probable Number (MPN) model. The Quanti-Tray Sealer automatically distributes the sample/reagent mixture ...

Wyckomar - UV-700 - Ultra Violet Water Sterilizer

by Wyckomar Inc

The UV-700 is our best-selling ultra-violet sterilizer designed for the disinfection of drinking water in the average household at a flow rate of 8 GPM (30 LPM). Typically installed at the point of entry, it can treat municipal water as well as ground water from drilled or dug wells, and surface water from lakes, ponds or rivers. Other ...

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