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Fabric Expansion Joint

by Montero Fye S.A     based in Trapaga, SPAIN

The BELPAPLEX fabric expansion joints are designed and produced by MONTERO FyE S.A. taking continuosly into consideration the most severe working conditions: TEMPERATURE - PRESSURE - FLUID - EXPANSION - VIBRATION - ENVIROMENT, and any other contingencies that it might arise. In their production, it has been used in every moment, the most advanced ...

Kurbo WinFlex - Model Series 20W - Wide Arch Type Expansion Joint

by Kurbo Company Limited     based in Busan, SOUTH KOREA

Kurbo Series 20W. wide arch type expansion joints are reengineered design to improve movement and spring rate capabilities of Kurbo Series 10 conventional spool arch type expansion joints.

AGS - Model Style W155 - Expansion Joint

by Victaulic Company     based in Easton, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Pressure rated to conform to the pressure ratings of Victaulic Style W77/W07 AGS couplings. Supplied with AGS grooves to permit fast installation without field preparation. Advance Groove System (AGS) products must not be used to join original groove system (OGS) products.

Metallic Expansion Joints

by Montero Fye S.A     based in Trapaga, SPAIN

Metallic expansion joints, besides acting as sections of a pipe, capable of withstanding the design temperatures, pressures, and media, also provide the flexibility that makes them necessary. That flexibility can be axial, lateral or angular. However, in many installations, some rigidity or structural strength is needed to support piping loads or ...

Kurbo WinFlex - Model Type 21DM - Demounting Joint

by Kurbo Company Limited     based in Busan, SOUTH KOREA

Kurbo Type 21 DM, Demounting joints provide axial clearance in the piping system to allow for easy and quick removal or replacement of the pipe component and equipment. It is simply done by compressing the 21 DM-demounting joint with its threaded tie rods. The 21 DM makes it possible for worker to complete maintenance quickly. In general, removal ...

Model Series 20UG - Underground Type Expansion Joint

by Kurbo Company Limited     based in Busan, SOUTH KOREA

Burial Application: Buried pipelines are directly affected by the external loads produced by weight of earth, traffic load, the ground shifting created by uneven sinking of ground and earthquake. The uneven sinking between rigid structure and ground is most detrimental for underground piping. To solve such differential settlement problems, Kurbo ...

Kurbo WinFlex - Model Type 21EP - Externally Pressurized Joint

by Kurbo Company Limited     based in Busan, SOUTH KOREA

Submerged Application: When expansion joint piping system is submerged in water and the medium is conveyed through the pipe line, the expansion joint is subject to internal and external pressures as arch element is externally pressured. Therefore, the joint in this pipe line must be engineered and designed to withstand external pressure as well as ...

Style - Model 8400 - Flue Duct

by Garlock Sealing Technologies     based in Palmyra, NEW YORK (USA)

Garlock offers a wide range of flue duct type expansion joints for lightweight applications, especially for scrubbers, precipitators, baghouses, and fans in air handling systems. Style 8400 flue ducts are available in round, rectangular, or square configurations, as belt type (without flanges) or U-type (flanged), with virtually no size ...

Red-Valve - Flanged Expansion Joints

by Red Valve Company     based in Carnegie, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

The Redflex Expansion Joint  is used to compensate for pipeline movement and vibration. The construction of a Redflex joint is very much like a heavy-duty truck tire: layers of high-quality elastomers are reinforced with steel wires and synthetic fabrics.The inner layer forms a tube that extends through the inside of the joint, and across the ...

Through Hole Applications

by Nord-Lock Inc     based in Elk Grove Village, ILLINOIS (USA)

This innovative product replaces large fitted or interference fit bolts, no modifications required. Fast, safe and easy installation and removal. Superbolt® Expansion bolts (EBs) for through hole applications utilize a six piece system. The small end tensioner supplies the large force required to draw the tapered stud into the expandable ...

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