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Flamgard Plus - Flameproof (Exd) Flammable Gas Detector

by Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd

Flamgard Plus is a Flameproof (Exd) flammable gas detector, which uses poison-resistant pellistors to detect explosive levels of hydrocarbons, hydrogen and other flammable gases and vapours, including aviation fuel and leaded petrol vapours.

ACME - TW-ECH - Twinset Stand-Alone Dual Gas Monitor

by Acme Engineering Prod. Ltd.

The TwinSet is a stand-alone dual-gas detection unit. In its standard configuration the TwinSet wil have (1) built-in CO sensor and (1) remote sensor that can be for any one of the three gases listed, namely, CO, NO2 or Combustible gas (CH4 C3H8). The TwinSet is a 'system-in-a-box' that provides dry contacts for the activation of fans, dampers and ...

ACME - UN-ECH Series - Uniset Stand-Alone Gas Monitor

by Acme Engineering Prod. Ltd.

UNISET is a single-point stand-alone gas monitor for a number of toxic and flammable gases as well as oxygen deficiency. It utilizes state-of-the art sensor technology: electrochemical for toxic gases and oxygen; catalytic bead for combustibles. The UNISET has up to four SPDT relay outputs fully user-configurable to operate at different thresholds ...

IREX - Infra-Red Pellistor Replacement Flammable Gas Detector

by Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd

IREX is a sinter-free, fully featured infrared gas detector that produces a mV Wheatstone Bridge output as used on conventional pellistor based systems. IREX replaces old pellistor heads by simply mounting on the original junction box, and connecting to the original cable. The IREX concept enables upgrade to dual-wavelength IR gas detector ...

Detective + - Transportable Multigas Area Monitor

by Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd

Designed for group protection, area monitoring and providing a virtual fenceline, Detective+ is a rugged, interconnectable, multigas temporary area monitor. Building on Crowcon's experience in pioneering this category of detector, Detective+ has earned a reputation for reliability and versatility in demanding environments stretching from offshore ...

Signalpoint - Flammable And Toxic Gas Detector

by Honeywell Analytics

The Signalpoint range of flammable, toxic and Oxygen gas detectors offers a low cost solution to indoor gas monitoring. Supplied with an integral pre-wired junction box, the detector can be installed using conduit or cable and glands depending on individual site standards.

RAE Systems GammaRAE - II R - Gas Monitor

by Argus-Hazco

The GammaRAE II R is two instruments in one: it has the rapid response of a detector and the accurate dose measurement of a dosimeter. This instrument contains two separate sensors. The Cesium Iodide (CsI) scintillator provides a fast, two-second response to radiological threats, while the energy-compensated PIN diode provides high dose rate range ...

GDS - 202 - Flammable/Toxic/Regrigerant Gas Alarm

by GDS Technologies Ltd.

Toxic/Flammable/Refrigerant sensor combination. Standard Unit 1 - 10 Sensors. Four zone indicators. Single cable for multiple sensors. Individual Sensors with audible and visual warning alarms. Sensors pre-set and tested. Self diagnostic. Pre and full alarm indication. Two alarm relays. Wall or panel mount. Designed for ease of installation. ...

GDS Technologies Ltd - GDS202 - Flammable/Toxic/Oxygen/CO2/Refrigerant Gas Alarm

by CitiSafe Pte Ltd

The GDS 202 gas leak detection system features a control unit monitoring up to 10 sensors on a single 4 core cable network, combining high specification with significant cost saving over conventional gas alarm systems.The 202 has been designed to monitor for the build up of gases in light industrial / commercial premises including hotels and ...

Gasman - Intrinsically Safe Personal Single Gas Monitor

by Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd

The Gasman full function personal single gas monitor is compact and lightweight yet is fully ruggedised for the toughest of industrial environments. Featuring simple one button operation, it has a large easy to read display of gas concentration, and audible, visual and vibrating alarms.

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