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EEE - Floating Aerators

by Environmental Equipment Engineering, Inc.     based in Mechanicsville, VIRGINIA (USA)

The EEE Aerator is the most effective, energy efficient aerator available… and the most affordable. Simplified design and creative engineering have produced a superior product.

Floating Aerators

by AKAR IMPEX PVT. LTD.     based in Noida, INDIA

Floating Aerators are very simple to install but very dependable for providing high oxygen transfer to wastewater. These are used where water level is fluctuating. In such a case fixed aerators cannot be used. Apart from that application of fixed aerator requires proper anchoring arrangements. In case of floating aerators they can be simply left ...

Flucon - Floating Aerators

by Flucon Holdings Ltd     based in Denbighshire, UNITED KINGDOM

A range of floating and bridge mounted aerators developed and proven for the aeration of sewage and industrial waste. Air and liquid mixture is discharged as a micro-bubble into the liquid mass at depth and position to suit each application.

DiF-JET - Floating Aeration System

by Fortrans, Inc.     based in Wendell, NORTH CAROLINA (USA)

Dif-Jet Floating Aeration System with variable depth down piping. Equipped with dual Dif-Jet aerators that provide 3.2 lbs. DO/hour.System sends aerated water to a depth of up to 16′. Pro-Jet nozzles on discharge offer mixing and circulation at depth desired. 360 radial discharge configuration available with high capacity pumps.System is ...

Floating Aerators: Epic International

by ACG Technology Ltd.     based in Woodbridge, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Epic International aerators are designed with performance and durability in mind, as their structural components provide both strength and enhanced performance. For instance, the unique C-shaped radial beam construction of the Epic aerator stiffens the unit and distributes the operating loads while providing hydraulic channeling of the pumped ...

Airlift Floating Aerator

by Pennington Equipment Company     based in Springfield, ILLINOIS (USA)

Airlift Floating Draft Tube Drives up to 20 gpm from Any Depth. Installing a PEC floating airlift aerator is less costly than placing an air diffuser on the bottom of your pond. A single 4' solar powered draft tube can turn 2 lpm of medium fine bubble aeration into 20 lpm of top to bottom pond destratification mixing. All while providing a zero ...

High Speed Floating Aerator

by Mojan Engineering Co.     based in Tehran, IRAN

The Airmond is a vertical floating aerator suitable for every aeration application. This unit produces high pumping rates with an intense air-to-water mixing, resulting in excellent oxygen transfer. Airmond aerators features include: ease of assembly and implementation, ease of maintenance, low investment cost for the complete installation, simple ...

High Speed Floating Surface Aerators

by Aquatreat Environmental Engineering Ltd     based in Kenilworth, UNITED KINGDOM

The high speed floating surface aerator is designed for installation in lagoons, tanks with variable water level, reservoirs and general mixing. The high-speed floating surface aerator type AQAGV is designed for installation in lagoons, tanks with variable water level, reservoirs and general mixing applications. It is equipped with a propeller and ...

FLOBULL - Floating Surface Aerator

by FAIVRE Ets     based in Baume-les-Dames, FRANCE

The Flobull aerator projects a very emulsified spray of water into the air, thus providing maximum contact with the atmosphere. In this way oxygen in the air is transferred into the water. This process does not raise the water temperature because a sometimes warmer atmospheric contact is compensated through cooling caused by evaporation. Despite ...

Aquasub - Floating Surface Aerator

by FAIVRE Ets     based in Baume-les-Dames, FRANCE

Aquasub is a hydro-ejector that combines aeration with moving masses of water. Used in fresh water lakes or ponds, it introduces the oxygen essential to the life of fish. Simply designed and robustly built, our equipment can by used under all conditions. Aquasub is used to aerate and destratify lakes and ponds, and to desaturate water ...

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