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Horizontal and Vertical Flocculators

by WesTech Engineering, Inc.     Distributor in Howell, MICHIGAN (USA)

WesTech Flocculators are custom designed for all your flocculation needs. Energy is transferred into water through the use of paddle wheels which promote particle agglomeration to form large, fast-settling floc particles. Typically the process applies tapered flocculation to the inlet stream, where the first stage has high energy input (velocity ...

Flocculating Clarifier

by WesTech Engineering, Inc.     Distributor in Howell, MICHIGAN (USA)

Designed similar to standard clarifiers, but with a larger feedwell or flocculation well, WesTech Flocculating Clarifiers are highly efficient as final clarifiers, polishing clarifiers, tertiary clarifiers, and in water treatment applications. Mechanical flocculators operate within the flocculation well to enhance settling. These are driven by a ...

RapiSand™ Ballasted Flocculation

by WesTech Engineering, Inc.     Distributor in Howell, MICHIGAN (USA)

The WesTech RapiSand™ Ballasted Flocculation System is a high rate clarification process using rapid mixing and multi-stage flocculation, followed by sedimentation. RapiSand sedimentation is extremely fast and can be applied in a wide variety of suspended solids removal applications. RapiSand's typical uses include expanding plant capacity, ...

FKC - Flocculation Tanks

by FKC Co., Ltd.     Distributor in Howell, MICHIGAN (USA)

Flocculation tanks are used to mix polymer and sludge prior to sludge thickening or dewatering. Flocculation tanks are supplied with variable speed agitators, but the speed is very rarely changed during normal operation. Floc tanks generally have an open top, which allows operators to easily visually observe floc conditions. In applications where ...

Solids Contact Clarifier

by WesTech Engineering, Inc.     Distributor in Howell, MICHIGAN (USA)

The WesTech Solids CONTACT CLARIFIER™ has the ability to act as both an enhanced flocculation device as well as a high rate chemical precipitator. Mixing, internal solids recirculation, gentle flocculation and gravity sedimentation are all combined into a single unit.

AltaFlo - High Rate Thickener

by WesTech Engineering, Inc.     Distributor in Howell, MICHIGAN (USA)

The AltaFlo™ High Rate Thickener is a rake-less thickener that provides mixing, flocculation and internal dilution followed by clarification and positive sludge collection and removal in a single tank. The principles of flocculation have been further adapted to a new design that will thicken slurries at an even higher rate than a typical high rate ...

Horizontal Paddle Flocculators

by E & I Corporation     Distributor in Lakeland, MICHIGAN (USA)

Thru the use of state of the art computer programs, E & I Corporation is able to arrange the most effective configuration of Flocculator(s) to suit your needs. From paddle reel to turbine type, single stage to multi stage, the E & I Corporation Flocculator provides for the most efficient floc formation. Based on years of experience, the ...

Model BWG Series - Mixers

by Brawn Mixer, Inc     based in Holland, MICHIGAN (USA)

The BWG offers versatility in horsepower range and output speeds in compact,right angle mixer drive. It is also available with optional drywwell construction, with a wide range of mounting configurations. One of its greatest features is the high gear ratio for low speed applications, such as flocculation or polymer blending.

SPIRACONE™ Upflow Sludge Blanket Clarifier

by WesTech Engineering, Inc.     Distributor in Howell, MICHIGAN (USA)

Eliminate Moving Parts and Related Maintenance With the SPIRACONE Upflow Sludge Blanket Clarifier. The SPIRACONE Clarifier is an upflow sludge blanket clarifier that combines mixing, flocculation and sedimentation in a single basin. Raw water and chemicals are hydraulically mixed then pass upward through the various zones within the basin for ...

Paralle - Plate Vertical Clarifier

by Monroe Environmental Corporation     based in Monroe, MICHIGAN (USA)

The Monroe Parallel Plate Vertical Clarifier is designed to provide low cost, efficient solids removal from a wide range of waste and process liquids. The inclined plate design allows the total gravity settling area to be as much as ten times more than the actual floor space occupied by the clarifier. Integral chemical mixing and flocculation ...

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