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FloodBarrier - Model Rigidam - Hard Panel and Removable Flood Barrier System

by Floodbarrier, Inc.     based in Miami, FLORIDA (USA)

Rigidam is a hard panel, removable flood barrier system. The panels are constructed out of high strength aluminum components, and are edged by a gasket material that produces a water-tight seal. The system is attached to the structure by pre-installed anchors and screws, and does not require a permanent frame to be attached to the building. ...

.5 Liter to 1 Gal. PET Small Bottle Water Bottling Systems & Accessories

by De Nora Water Technologies     based in Colmar, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

De Nora Water Technologies provides a wide range of rinsing, filling and capping equipment for the intermediate capacity beverage industry. De Nora Water Technologies has developed the PET series; innovative, simple, and clean counter pressure filler where the return gas from bottles goes into a separate channel instead of back to ...

BIOGEST AG - Type Alpheus AH - Flow Regulator for Flood Protection

by BIOGEST AG     based in Taunusstein, GERMANY

Flood protection measures requires devices developed to be particularly suited to this. The outflow from storm water detention basins must be constantly throttled to protect downstream villages. A suitable throttle unit should not only provide 'aquatic passability' (DIN 19700) i.e. for swimming fauna, but there should also be an escape flap ...

FloodBarrier - Steel Flood Doors

by Floodbarrier, Inc.     based in Miami, FLORIDA (USA)

Our new range of flood-proof security doors are flood proof whenever they are locked, and due to their steel frame and construction they are able to simultaneously operate as security doors. Full height flood depths are achievable, depending on the locking mechanism chosen. The use of these doors ensures that when a door is locked it is watertight ...

Waterfront Flood Gates

by Waterfront Engineering     based in Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM

Waterfront Flood Gates are designed and manufactured to suit modern industrial and domestic environments and are an effective method of flood protection. Our range of Waterfront Flood Gates are designed using the latest synthetic materials combined with stainless steel allowing them to be suitable for use in most water, sewerage and effluent ...

LiquidChem Chiller - Chemical Chill System

by De Nora Water Technologies     based in Colmar, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

The new LiquidChem™ Chiller liquid chemical chill system offers municipal and industrial users a safe and stable means for chilling and storing any liquid chemical, including ammonia and sodium hypochlorite.

FloodBarrier - Model Rapidam - Light Weight Temporary Flood Barrier

by Floodbarrier, Inc.     based in Miami, FLORIDA (USA)

Among the easiest to install on the market today, Rapidam is a light weight, temporary barrier made from a strong P.V.C. coated canvas. Glass fiber battens hold the barrier erect while dry. A standard unit is designed to protect up to a 1 meter depth of static water, plus an additional ½ meter of wave height. Each section comes in a ...

FloodBarrier - Model StopLog - Multi- Panel Flood Barrier System

by Floodbarrier, Inc.     based in Miami, FLORIDA (USA)

The StopLog or Multi- Panel flood barrier system is one of the most reliable and adaptable flood barrier systems in the world. Its modular components give it the versatility to provide flood protection at almost any height, width, shape or contour. Designed to meet the most stringent Building and Engineering Codes it can be used anywhere. Limited ...

Flood Doors

by IBS Engineered Products Ltd     based in Doncaster, UNITED KINGDOM

Flood Doors are used for building apertures where flood water can exceed the height of the door opening and where a high degree of water-tightness is required. Standard single leaf IBS flood doors are designed for opening sizes up to 2500mm x 2500mm and to withhold an on-seating static water head of 4m.

Water Standard - Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Nanofiltration (NF) Technology

by Water Standard     based in Houston, TEXAS (USA)

Water Standard uses Reverse Osmosis (RO) and/or Nanofiltration (NF) technology to achieve desalination, softening and sulphate removal. Water Standard has pilot-tested a range of RO and NF products to be able to recommend the best membrane product to meet an Operator’s specific water quality needs.Depending on the type of waterflood, ...

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