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Model Deltawave - Ultrasonic Flowmeter for Pipes, Open Channels and Rivers

by systec Controls Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH     based in Puchheim, GERMANY

Our new measuring system deltawave is not only a precise flowmeter for open channels,filles and partially filled pipes but also a temperatur meter and a flow profile analysis tool. Due to the unique patent pending signal analysis deltawave works under extreme conditions, maintenance-free, calibration-free and reliably. The measurement system ...

Electromagnetic Flowmeters

by ABB Measurement Products     based in Zurich, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Electromagnetic flowmeters from ABB are in their element whenever the flowrate of conductive liquids, slurries or sludges is to be measured. A comprehensive range of product lines and models cover just about every application. The modular designs offer the industry’s widest range of liners, electrodes, and sizes to meet the needs of the most ...

Model Flow-5 - Flow Meter

by HB-THERM AG     based in St. Gallen, SWITZERLAND

When temperature control circuits are connected in parallel in an injection mould, slight changes in the flow rates of the individual channels can affect the temperature in the mould cavity, which in turn can lead to product quality problems. Reliable measurement and monitoring of the flow rates in all parallel-connected temperature control ...

Model PCM Pro Ex - Portable Flow Measurements

by NIVUS GmbH     based in Eppingen, GERMANY

Portable flow measurement for demanding applications -suitable for MCerts testing-.

OFR Radar - Radar Complements Ultrasonic Flow Measurements

by NIVUS GmbH     based in Eppingen, GERMANY

NIVUS add non-contacting flow metering system for open channels and part filled geometries to their product rangeThe new OFR radar-based velocity measurement system shows its strengths particularly in combination with known ultrasonic measurement methods. Supplementing Doppler, transit time or the cross correlation method patented by NIVUS, the ...

Flow Computer Units

by ABB Measurement Products     based in Zurich, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

The FCU 200/400 (SensyCal) is a universal measurement computer designed for industrial process signal monitoring and logging. FCU200/400 (SensyCal) combines modern communication technology with sound know-how gained through years of field metrology experience. A high-resolution multi-line graphic display indicates all physical and electrical ...

Pfeiffer - Model PGS 300F - Water Management Controller

by Pfeiffer Electronic GmbH     based in Greifenstein, GERMANY

The PGS 300F controller assigns the standard current signal 0 / 4...20 mA supplied by the sensor to a level expressed in the unit of measurement [m]. Utilizing selectable integrated mathematical functions it is possible to convert the measured level to a quantity Q. When applications demonstrate complex, non-linear mathematical relationships it is ...

Model EL-FLOW Series - Gas Mass Flow Meters & Controllers

by Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V     based in AK Ruurlo, NETHERLANDS

EL-FLOW® Series Mass Flow Meters/Controllers are thermal mass flow meters of modular construction with a 'laboratory style' pc-board housing. Control valves can either be integrally or separately mounted, to measure and control gas flows from: lowest range 0,02...1 mln/min, up to highest range 25...1250 ln/min. The control valve design of the ...

Pulsar - Model Flow Pulse - Non-invasive Clamp-on Flow Monitor for Pipes

by Pulsar Process Measurement Ltd     based in Worcestershire, UNITED KINGDOM

Flow Pulse is a unique, non-invasive flow monitor that clamps to the outside of a pipe and is simply secured with a screwdriver. Flow Pulse offers you exceptional repeatability at a fraction of the cost of an equivalent magflow meter. It can reliably monitor flow across a variety of pipe materials including rigid plastic, stainless steel, cast ...

NivuSonic - Permanent Measurement System

by Nivus U.K.     based in Bolton, UNITED KINGDOM

The NivuSonic is a permanent measurement system for continuous flow measurement in a range from clear to polluted media of various consistencies. The NivuSonic utilises the transit time method. In contrast to other measurement methods (e.g. leading edge) transit time determination using signal correlation ensures increased operational reliability. ...

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