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HI-Q - V-FLO-Series - In-Line Venturi Flow Meters

by HI-Q Environmental Products Company

The V-FLO-XX series units incorporate a flowmeter and a precision-machined venturi tube to create a pressure differential across a fixed orifice which floats the indicating ball in the flowmeter. By varying the flow velocities, the pressure differentials are measured & recorded against a laminar flow element whose calibration is certified and ...

Flow Control Sluice Gates - Series 20

by Fontaine Industries Ltd

The Fontaine SERIES 20 Flow-Control Sluice Gate is designed to adapt to any installation, with a wide range of mountings available. The extremely versatile Series 20 can safely withstand seating and unseating heads of up to 60 feet (18 metres), and can be made for even higher water heads if needed.

Primary Flow Differential Pressure Products

by ABB Measurement Products

Differential pressure (DP) flowmeters are the most common type of flow measurement products in use today. ABB offers a wide range of flowmeters and primary elements to suit almost all applications. Meters available include compact and integral orifice flowmeters, averaging pitot tubes, venturi tubes, wedge meters, sub-sea meters, orifice plates, ...

Innova-Flo - 240V - In-line Vortex Flow Meter

by Sierra Instruments, Inc.

Sierra's Model 240V  In-line Volumetric Vortex Meter provides a direct reading of volumetric flow for liquids, steam or constant density gases. Product accuracy is ± 1% of rate for liquids and 0.7% of rate for gases and steam over a 30:1 range.  The Model 220 is hazardous area approved for FM, CSA, ATEX and CE and available in ...

MACE - AgriFlo 3 - Doppler Flow Meter

by Isodaq Technology

MACE, based in Australia, is a world-leader in designing doppler flow meters with over 40 years experience. Recognizing the ever-increasing need for better flow metering in the environmental protection and irrigation industry, MACE designed and tailor-made a meter targeted at monitoring abstraction and discharges particularly for agricultural and ...

MACE - FloPro3 - Doppler Flow Meter

by Isodaq Technology

MACE, based in Australia, is a world-leader in designing doppler flow meters with over 40 years experience. The all new MACE Series 3 FloPro features MACE field proven Doppler velocity and level measurement sensors. Advanced spectrum signal processing allows the FloPro velocity sensors to produce superior results under a wide range of hydraulic ...

Cal=Trak - SL-500 - Gas Mass Flow Meter

by Sierra Instruments, Inc.

You’ll get high-precision, cost-effective calibration with our CalTrak™ SL-500 primary standard gas flow calibrator, the first in our CalTrak line of dependable mass gas flow calibration devices. Fast, primary, and portable, the SL-500 offers a standardized accuracy of ±0.35%, making it an easy-to-use, low-maintenance way to ...

QuadraTherm - 640i / 780i - Thermal Mass Flow Meters

by Sierra Instruments, Inc.

QuadraTherm introduces the first four-sensor thermal mass flow meter design—three precision platinum temperature sensors and one patented DrySense mass velocity sensor backed by a lifetime warranty.

QuadraTherm - 640i - Air Mass Flow Meter

by Sierra Instruments, Inc.

The QuadraTherm 640i marks a breakthrough in thermal dispersion technology for air mass flow meters. With the 640i, you can enjoy the many benefits of immersible thermal technology – wide turndown ratio, very low pressure drop, no moving parts, application flexibility and a direct gas mass flow rate measurement – while achieving ...

Flow Measurement Communication & Configuration Products

by ABB Measurement Products

Family of advanced flowmeter communication, configuration and validation tools that enable detailed verification of a devices performance without the need to remove the meter from the process. Tools scan multiple elements in the flowmeter and compares these with factory settings, and a database of historic values, to identify variances and ...

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