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MACE - Model FloPro3 - Doppler Flow Meter

by Isodaq Technology     based in Bromyard, UNITED KINGDOM

MACE, based in Australia, is a world-leader in designing doppler flow meters with over 40 years experience. The all new MACE Series 3 FloPro features MACE field proven Doppler velocity and level measurement sensors. Advanced spectrum signal processing allows the FloPro velocity sensors to produce superior results under a wide range of hydraulic ...

Thermo Scientific - Model Sarasota 200 - Transit-time Flow Meter

by Isodaq Technology     based in Bromyard, UNITED KINGDOM

The Sarasota range of ultrasonic transit-time (or time-of-flight) flow meters are manufactured by Thermo Fischer and many thousands of gauges have been deployed in all types of open-channels including rivers, irrigation channels and treatment works channels over the last 30 years. The same technology is suitable for large closed-pipes such as ...

Teledyne - Model H-ADCP - ChannelMaster - Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler

by Isodaq Technology     based in Bromyard, UNITED KINGDOM

The ChannelMaster H-ADCP is a compact, flexible and affordable horizontal ADCP designed to measure continuous flow and velocity in rivers and estuaries. The 2-beam doppler principle device is deployed at one elevation in a channel cross-section with different frequency models available for accurate measurement in channels from 1 to 300 metres ...

F-1000 Digi-Flo Digital Flowmeter

by Cannon Water Technology Inc.     based in Granite Bay, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Battery powered (2 batteries Alkaline AA). Easy to read, 6 digit, up to 4 decimal positions, LCD display. Factory programmed. Display update time: every 2 seconds. Calibration Units: GPM, LPM. Can be calibrated to any engineering unit. Consult the factory. Flow: from .4 to 8000 GPM.

F-2000 Digi-Flo Digital Flowmeter

by Cannon Water Technology Inc.     based in Granite Bay, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Battery powered rate and total. Easy to read, 8 digit, 4 decimal, LCD display. Factory programmed. Field programmable via front panel push button. Calibration Units: GPM, LPM, m3/hour, oz/min, GPH, LPH. Flow: from .4 to 8000 GPM.

HI-Q - Model V-FLO-Series - In-Line Venturi Flow Meters

by HI-Q Environmental Products Company     based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The V-FLO-XX series units incorporate a flowmeter and a precision-machined venturi tube to create a pressure differential across a fixed orifice which floats the indicating ball in the flowmeter. By varying the flow velocities, the pressure differentials are measured & recorded against a laminar flow element whose calibration is certified and ...

Eesiflo - Model 5000 Series - Transit Time Ultrasonic Flowmeter

by EESiFlo, Inc.     based in Mechanicsburg, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

The EESIFLO 5000 Series range of non-invasive flowmeters utilises ultrasonic technology for the accurate flow measurement of liquids in full pipes. The field mounted flow transmitter can be configured via the keypad without any additional programming devices and is available as single channel unit. The measurement of flow is based on the principle ...

MEMFlo - Model MFTV - SupraFlo MFTV Metal Bodied Flow Meter with Clear Top

by FLO-CORP (Flow Line Options Corp.)     based in Wadsworth, OHIO (USA)

SupraFlo MFTV™ Metal Bodied Flow Meters with Clear Top are simple, accurate, meters for use in a wide range of industrial liquid and gas applications. These flow meters have an excellent tolerance to suspended solids and measure flow to one percent accuracy. Unlike tapered tube rotameters, SupraFlo MFTV flow meters have an indicator disk in close ...


by FLOW-TRONIC S.A.     based in Welkenreadt, BELGIUM

The RTQ-1000 ATEX Logger is a Real Time Flow Logger and GPRS transmitter for the non-contact radar A/V sensors.It is a revolutionary device connecting directly to the non-contact Open Channel Radar Area/Velocity Flowmeter.The RTQ-1000 ATEX Logger is ATEX certified, this allows it to be used in hazardous areas ZONE 1. The unit can also accept a ...

Portalok - Model P7SZ - Ultrasonic Flow Meter

by EESiFlo, Inc.     based in Mechanicsburg, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

The P7SZ is an ultrasonic flow meter that measures the velocity of any liquid through most pipes using ultrasonic transducers that clamp onto the outside of small or large sonically conductive pipes of almost any material including plastics and metals. The flow measurement remains accurate even when temperature change is experienced.

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