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Fumex - PR Series - Local Fume Extractor

by Fumex AB

Developed using new materials and new technology, designed with a focus on new and significant advantages: Unique ease of manoeuvrability. High positional stability. Optimally hood design for welding smoke and other hot pollutants. Maximum capture efficiency and extraction; Further improvement possible by using the Coanda effect.

Fumex - ME Series - Ideal Fume Extractor for Laboratory Environments

by Fumex AB

The unique joint design of the Fumex ME results in a very low pressure drop, which produces many valuable benefits; Energy-saving. Lower noise levels. Less risk of disruptive ventilation noise. Low pressure drop without having to use a larger dimension system. Easy to combine with other extractors in the same ventilation system. As standard, the ...

DiversiTech - Robotic Ventilation Hood

by DiversiTech

Diversitech's Robotic Ventilation Hood is the industry's most powerful, reliable and cost-effective ductless welding smoke extractor. The hood's filtration system includes a three-stage spark arrestance package, a pleated pre-filter and a multi-pocket bag filter extending filter life versus conventional systems. The robotic vent hood has a low air ...

Nordic Scientific - Fume Hood

by Nordic Scientific & Natural Solutions AB

Laboratory fume hoods are one of the most important components used to protect laboratory personnel from exposure to hazardous chemicals and agents used in the laboratory. When used properly, they can provide an effective backup safety device for the containment and exhaust of toxic, offensive or flammable materials when the containment of an ...

DEENA - Fume Hood

by Thomas Cain, Inc.

The DEENA fume hood includes a HEPA filter and duct tubing to connect to your laboratory's exhaust system. It allows you to place the DEENA system on a standard laboratory bench top while also allowing you to utilize your existing fume hoods.

Hamilton Advantage - Fume Hoods

by Diagnostix, Ltd.

Thermo Scientific Hamilton Advantage fume hoods are highly ergonomic, with advanced safety and energy-saving features that make them ideal for virtually any laboratory. With enhanced ergonomics for user comfort, these laboratory hoods address the ever-increasing requirements for safety, energy efficiency and aesthetics. This innovative new range ...

Fred - Eco - Dust & Fume Capture Kit

by DiversiTech

Diversi-Tech Inc created the FRED Eco dust & fume capture kit for businesses that need to meet OSHA requirements on a fixed budget. It's simple turnkey design is compact and mounts to any wall or post in a matter of minutes. FRED Eco is offered at an affordable price but it doesn't skimp on features. 10 ft. capture arm. 1.5 HP blower (110v, single ...

DiversiTech Fred - JR - Portable Fume Extractor

by DiversiTech

Keeping your worker’s breathing zone safe requires a capture-at-source extractor they will actually use.  Designed to be moved and positioned effortlessly, the FRED-JR excels at removing weld fumes,

Fumex - MiniTEX - Local Fume Extractor for Laboratories

by Fumex AB

For workplaces requiring the market's lowest pressure drop; Suitable in environments where the extractor can be incorporated in the same extraction system as other products with a low pressure drop such as fume cabinets or existing ventilation systems.

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