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MSA - 90 - High-Performance Gas Filters


These high-performance filters provide strong protection against gases and particles. Reliable against both organic and inorganic vapors. MSA’s PlexTec particle filter technology increases filtering surface for easier breathing. Available in gas filter classes 1 or 2, single array or multiple range.

MicroPNS - Gas Collector Control Module

by Umwelttechnik MCZ GmbH

Collection on filter plates for the subsequent laboratory analysis (heavy metals) in samples. Control module MicroPNS as 19' rack model with switch for 8 filters. Collection system is mounted in a measuring station.

HORIBA - ZNV-7 - Zero Gas Generator

by HORIBA Europe GmbH

HORIBA’s compact designed Zero Gas Generator ZNV-7 is used for mobile, stationary or laboratory scale zero point checking & diluting span gas sources for the calibration of ambient air analyzers.

HORIBA - PG-250 - Portable Multi-Gas Analyzer

by HORIBA Europe GmbH

The PG-250 is a portable stack gas analyzer that can simultaneously measure up to five separate gas components using the same proven measurement methods used in HORIBA's line of permanent CEMS. The PG-250 is ideal for CEMS certification testing (RATAs) or for use when stack gas emissions must be monitored periodically at one or multiple stacks.

CeraQ - Ceramic Filter Modules

by QUA Group

CeraQ ceramic filter modules offer superior performance in challenging oil removal applications and are ideal for wastewater recycle / reuse applications in a wide range of industries such as upstream oil & gas, petrochemicals, refinery, food & beverage, and textiles. Each CeraQ module is available in four different pore sizes: 0.4, 0.05, 0.01 and ...

Model C012M - IR Gas Filter Correlation Carbon Monoxide Analyzer

by Envitech Bohemia s.r.o.

The new NDIR CFC (Non Dispersive InfraRead Gas Filter Correlation) carbon monoxide analyzer, model C012M, combines over 20 years of experience in the NDIR CO measurement with an enhanced electronics package and a modular component parts design. The outcome is an ultra compact and light- rack 3U, easy-to-use, IR CFC based analyzer able to measure ...

Gas Clean Filters

by F-DGSi

Clean Gas Filters can be installed within seconds without disturbing the technical and analytical performance of the gas-chromatographic system. These cartridges do not connect directly in to the gas line like a typical in-line filter, but onto a specially designed base plate, allowing a diffusion-proof installation without the use of tools. The ...

Miran SapphIRe - Gas Analyzer

by MLU - Monitoring für Leben und Umwelt

Infrared spectroscopy provides the MIRAN SapphIRe Analyzers with the unique ability to specifically and accurately measure many gases with a single unit. The MIRAN’s wavelength generator filter has a unique design that allows accurate and fast wavelength selection. This feature alone separates the MIRAN SapphIRe Analyzer from other gas ...

Hilliard HILCO - Gas Filters for Gas Turbine Systems

by The Hilliard Corporation - Star Systems Filtration Division

Dry Seal Gas Integral Duplex Filters simplify piping and operation of the duplex filter arrangement. Duplex housings incorporate valves and filters into one assembly. HILCO gaseous fuel filters are available in simplex design and in duplex arrangements for continuous operation. The filters are specifically designed for gas turbine systems with ...

Model 48i - CO Gas Analyzer

by MLU - Monitoring für Leben und Umwelt

Gas filter correlation gas analyzer with enhanced communication capabilities for ambient air and source emissions monitoring. Using gas filter correlation technology, the Model 48i measures the amount of carbon monoxide in the air. The Model 48i is based on the principle that carbon monoxide (CO) absorbs infrared radiation at a wavelength of 4.6 ...

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