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Slant Plate Clarifier

by Ground Effects Environmental Services Inc.     Office in ALBERTA (CANADA)

Removes suspended solids, clay, sand, metals and phosphorus. Removes suspended solids such as colloidal clay and river/lake organic matter. Facilitates heavy metals precipitation: iron, zinc, cadmium, lead, chrome and copper. Scrubber water solids and mineral extraction. Coal solids, fines and ash solids removal. Takes outs mill scale and solids ...

Spill-Gel - Solid Granular Powder

by Spill-Sorb Canada Inc.     based in Edmonton, ALBERTA (CANADA)

Spift-Get\$ a solid granular powder that rapidly absorbs & retains large volumes of aqueous Solutions, converting them into a semi sorb, gelled state. The absorptive properties of Sptf/-Ge/are ideally suited for the absorption & solidification of industrial waste streams Containing inks, heavy metals and other general contaminants. SprW- ...

Model 1L - Water Conditioner

by Ackenberry Trout Farms     based in Camrose, ALBERTA (CANADA)

All in one Water Conditioner.Removes ammonia, chlorine, and chloramines. Detoxifies heavy metals and nitrites.Adds Electolytes.Reduces stress.Apply 10 ml per 75 L of water.Bottle treats 15,000 L (chlorine only).Bottle treats 26,000L (chloramine only).We have tested this product with our most expensive fish and have had excellent results with ...

Manz Polishing Filter (MPF)

by Pure Filtered Water Ltd.     based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA)

The MPF exploits the unique ability of TSSFs to remove small particles. Construction and operation of MPFs are similar to MSFs with all of the same advantages.  Ease of cleaning allows MPF based water treatment systems to remove: sand, silt or clay, manganese, iron, arsenic, fluoride, or heavy metal, TOC/DOC and algae and treat water types ...

Kenworth - Model C500 Series - Oilfield Bed Truck

by Camex Equipment Sales & Rentals     based in Nisku, ALBERTA (CANADA)

1996 Kenworth C500 Oilfield Bed Truck - c/w Heavy Duty Sheet Metal Butterfly Hood, Industry Checker Plate Fenders, Chrome Grill, Dual Chrome Side Mounted Air Cleaners, Single Chrome Upright Exhaust, Pre-Emission, Stainless Steel Sun Visor, Dual Roof Mounted Rotating Lights, Split Wind Screen, 314' wheel Base, Aluminum Steers (4), White Steel ...

ESTrueViewPipe - Next Generation of Girth Weld Inspection

by Eclipse Scientific Inc.     Office in St. Albert, ALBERTA (CANADA)

The TrueViewPipe incorporates the latest technology and software to provide the solution for high speed AUT girth weld inspection. The system was designed to address issues and complaints from technicians within the industry, such as scanner weight and lack of configurability. Enhanced instrument performance with scalable phased array capabilities ...

Field-Ready Environmental Detector (FRED)

by FREDsense Technologies     based in N.W. Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA)

FRED - the Field-Ready Environmental Detector - utilizes a tunable bacteria that can sense a variety of water-borne contaminants.  We have developed a unique triple amplification system that can provide ultra-sensitive results for the detection of trace chemicals in a water sample. This platform technology can be developed to detect virtually ...

Recycling and Scrap Metal Semi Trailers

by DELOUPE     Distributor in Nisku, ALBERTA (CANADA)

Although toughness is key in the fabrication of transports designated for the carrying of recyclables, metals and construction waste, this does not mean that the design must be bulky and heavy.  In fact Deloupe, taking into account the rigorous and sometimes brutal treatment that such equipment receives, have maximized  durability and ...

Ervin Industries - Cast Stainless Steel Shot

by Inproheat Industries Ltd.     Office in Alberta, ALBERTA (CANADA)

A sphere-shaped form of steel casting, manufactured by pouring a molten mixture of premium-grade steel scrap and selected alloys through a series of water jets. On contact with the water, the molten metal is atomised, forming round particles in a controlled range of sizes. These particles then fall into a water tank, are dried, screened by size, ...

THERMOX - Model WDG-HPII Series - Flue Gas Oxygen Analyzer

by Ametek Process Instruments - THERMOX     Distributor in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA)

The WDG HPII Series offers a unique chimney-effect/convective sampling technology that incorporates the advantages of insitu probe high particulate sampling with high temperature and corrosion resistance of extractive analyzers. The HPII is ideal for combustibles and oxygen measurement on applications in cement and lime kilns, foundry and metals ...

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