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Modern Water - Model PDV6000plus - Portable Heavy Metal Monitor

by Applied Spectrometry Associates (ASA Analytics)

The PDV6000plus is the most sensitive and flexible portable heavy metal monitor for water and soil samples available today. The system has a wide ranging capability with applications including Drinking water, River water, Wastewater and Soil with detection limits as low as 100 parts per trillion* (ppt).

Metso PowerShred - Heavy Duty Shredder

by Metso‘s Recycling Equipment and Services

The Metso PowerShred line of shredders offers state-of-the-art heavy duty shredder design and cutting edge automation to maximize throughput and scrap quality. Over 25 years of design improvements have resulted in the industry’s most proven and trusted scrap shredder. These features are coupled with custom ferrous and non-ferrous downstream ...

Heavy Metal Removal

by Wastech Controls & Engineering, Inc.

Manufacturing processes often introduce heavy metals such as Copper, Nickel, Cadmium, Chrome, Zinc, Iron, and Lead into waste water. Heavy metals are basic elements and cannot be changed into any other element. They are toxic when absorbed by the cells of plants or animals. These toxic and carcinogenic materials must be removed from waste water ...

Electromedia - Model VI - Heavy Metal Removal

by Filtronics, Inc.

Electromedia VI is a unique filtration system integrating a special vessel design and a proprietary media. Electromedia VI is a treatment technology developed to ensure that the immediate release of heavy metals to the environment from industry or waste treatment facilities are within acceptable limits.

JFE - Model A-200 Series - Heavy Metal Stabilizer

by JFE Engineering America Inc.

The Heavy Metal Stabilizer A-200 Series is a high-performance chemical agent intended to trap and prevent lead and other heavy metals contained in fly ash from being eluted at the final disposal site. The A-200 Series, which is of pure polymer composition produces satisfactory effects with a small dosage reducing maintenance cost significantly and ...

Heavy Metal Separation

by GEA Bischoff GmbH

The off-gas of metallurgical processes such as copper smelters or zinc roasters are containing a high load of heavy metals, for instance lead (Pb), copper (Cu), chrome (Cr), nickel (Ni), cadmium (Cd), mercury (Hg). Most of these heavy metals are particulates, which are precipitated in the gas cleaning plant, mainly consisting of dry precipitator, ...

Heavy Metals/Mercury/PCBs

by M2 Polymer Technologies, Inc.

We are pleased to offer water-based, environmentally friendly products to treat both porous and non-porous surfaces for Heavy Metals, Mercury and PCBs. These products are blends of surfactants, demulsifying agents, terpenes, etc… designed to remove the contaminantion. Tested, proven and used for over 15 years, these product offer and ...

LIGNOR - Model ARD - Treatment For Heavy Metals

by NORAM Engineering and Constructors Ltd.

The LIGNOR-ARD process is an economically and environmentally sustainable solution for the treatment of Acid Rock Drainage (ARD). LIGNOR-ARD treats ARD to levels within the British Columbia Aquatic Life Standards and generates a biologically stable sludge, which strongly bonds the metals, preventing further leaching into the receiving environment. ...

Heavy Metals Removal

by Lhoist UK Limited Hindlow

In using Neutralac SLS45, the incoming effluent pH is rapidly elevated to the optimum range for precipitating metals as hydroxides.

Model DF-675 - Heavy Metal Precipitant

by Duraflow LLC

DF-675 is an aqueous solution of metal precipitant, effective for the precipitation of heavy metal compounds typically found in industrial wastewater. DF-675 is particularly effective when the metals are complexed with chelating agents that inhibit the formation of metal hydroxides. DF-675 is also effective where there is a significant ...

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