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Shore-Klear - 32oz (1 Quart) 10,000 Sq. Ft. Coverage - Herbicide

by NewTechBio, Inc.

Powerful Shore-Klear contains the same active ingredient as Rodeo and is effective against many aquatic emergent weeds including Spatterdock, Cattails, Willows, Purple loosestrife, aquatic and terrestrial grasses, Torpedograss, alligator weed, broad-leaf weeds, smartweed, primrose willow, American Lotus, water lily, Waterhyacinth, Canarygrass ...

Roundup - Pro Max 1.67 Gallons - Herbicide

by NewTechBio, Inc.

Roundup Pro Max Contains Glyphosate, N-(phosphonomethyl)glycine, in the form of its potassium salt 48.7% one of the most widely used herbicides in the world today. This product is a postemergence, systemic herbicide with no soil residual activity. It gives broad-spectrum control of many annual weeds, perennial weeds, woody brush and trees. It is ...

Navigate - 12LB Pail up to 1/8th Acre Coverage - Granular Herbicide

by NewTechBio, Inc.

Action: A granular aquatic herbicide which selectively controls some of the most troublesome aquatic plants such as water milfoil, coontail, and spatterdock. Gradual release and systemic action ensures complete kill of the entire plant.

10 m. and 12 m. - Mounted Sprayer Herbicide Boom


Tank  for wash water. Lid-filter. Tank circuit cleaner. Air intake filter, vat inlet filter and 1 filter for each section. Hydraulic agitator. Reinforced chassis with heat-strengthened painting.

Monsanto - Roundup Custom Herbicide

by Monsanto Company

Anywhere weeds and water meet, there’s a strong chance that vegetation management problems will grow. And anyone who manages brush in wetland areas knows that when left unchecked, vegetation can create hard-to-resolve problems. Roundup Custom™ herbicide gives applicators maximum use flexibility for both aquatic and terrestrial jobs.

Accent Q Herbicide

by DuPont

Accent® Q provides selective postemergence grass weed control in field corn grown for grain or seed, popcorn, or sweet corn.

Cimarron MAX Herbicide

by DuPont

For selective postemergence annual and perennial broadleaf weed and brush control, suppression in pastures and rangeland, and selective weeding to aid in the maintenance of established grasses in the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP).

Cutrine-Plus Algaecide/Herbicide

by Forestry Suppliers, Inc.

Patented, concentrated liquid algaecide/herbicide contains chelated copper which stays in the solution to continue controlling a broad range of algae well after application. Great for use in lakes, potable water reservoirs, ponds, fish hatcheries, and many others. Waters treated with Cutrine- Plus may be used immediately after treatment for ...

Aquatic Algaecide and Herbicide

by Cheltec, Inc.

Less shock to the aquatic eco-system. Less product can do more and achieve results in a safer manner. Genuine movement through the water column that allows for treatment at any time - even at night. Less build-up of copper in the soils. Keeps working for weeks from only one application. Substantially improved performance in conveyance system ...

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