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SupaPleat - Model HFC - High Surface Area Pleated Cartridge

by Amazon Filters Ltd     based in Camberley, UNITED KINGDOM

SupaPleat HFC high surface area cartridges utilise pleated depth media offering maximum efficiency and exceptionally high flow capabilities. Developed to suit industrial processes where high performance is required, the low pressure loss and high dirt capacity makes it the ideal choice for fine polishing applications. In-house developments have ...

HI-Q - Model HFC-Series - Digital & Analog Style High Volume Air Flow Calibrators

by HI-Q Environmental Products Company     based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The HFC-Series, HI-Volume Air Flow Calibrators, have eliminated the need for cumbersome orifice plates and water manometers. The HFC-XXC series units utilize a precision machined Venturi tube coupled with a pressure differential gauge giving a direct reading in the volumetric units of your choice (i.e. SCFM @ stp) . The unit is calibrated against ...

Model HFC-10 - Deliming System

by Danamark WaterCare     based in Brampton, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Deliming system for warewashing equipment. Provides simple, efficient deliming of commercial warewashing equipment. Uses ScaleKleen, Everpure's proprietary food-grade scale remover which is environmentally safe. Reduces limescale deposits which can cause equipment failure. Improves equipment efficiency, helps extend the life of equipment and ...

Model HFC-2 - Flat Plate Collector Built-in Vacuum Tubes

by Changzhou He Jia Solar Energy Limited Company     based in Changzhou City, CHINA

High temperature, High efficiency.Easy to clean the snow.Easy to carrying and Installation cost saving.No worry of hails impact.Automatic Curtain deals with any over-heating problems.CPC reflector below vacuum tubes full use of the tube absorber.

Model HFC-6000 - Nuclear Safety Grade Control System

by HF Controls Corporation     based in Carrollton, TEXAS (USA)

The most advanced, nuclear qualified control system in HFC's arsenal. Specifically designed for control and monitoring of the most critical applications, the system is capable of functional operation even in the most intense physical, electrical, and seismic environments. The HFC-6000 blends the most advanced features from AFS and ECS technology ...

Model HFC (all options) - Hand-Foot Clothing Monitor

by Lab Impex Systems     based in Poole, UNITED KINGDOM

The Hand-Foot-Clothing Contamination Monitor is designed to monitor personnel leaving or entering controlled areas for alpha and beta/gamma contamination. The HFC utilizes large area, thin layer plastic scintillation detectors (PSD) which offer high levels of sensitivity without the need for costly consumable gas, thereby reducing the operating ...

Flow-Trak - Dual-Plate Flow Conditioning Element

by Sierra Instruments, Inc.     based in Monterey, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Sierra’s Flow=Trak Dual-Plate Flow Conditioning Element represents an innovative and economical solution that allows any flow measurement instrument to maintain top performance in heavily constrained piping environments, where long-straight pipe runs simply do not exist.  Flow=Trak effectively eliminates velocity profile distortions, ...

Boiler-Trak - Model 620S BT - Mass Flowmeter

by Sierra Instruments, Inc.     based in Monterey, CALIFORNIA (USA)

BoilerTrak is designed to provide an economical and easy to install solution for precise natural gas measurement to heaters and boilers to increase efficiency. The instrument also suited for compliance to new regulations for burning natural gas in commercial boiler applications.

Flat-Trak - Model 780S - Inline Mass Flow Meter with Flow Condition

by Sierra Instruments, Inc.     based in Monterey, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The Flat-Trak Model 780S offers improved measurement capabilities in installations where long straight pipe runs are not available. The meter incorporates Sierra’s unique dual-plate flow conditioning element to eliminate velocity profile distortions as well as swirl and temperature stratification in the gas stream. This product reduces ...

SteelMass - Model 640S - Flow Meter

by Sierra Instruments, Inc.     based in Monterey, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Accurate monitoring of peak, low flow and total gas mass flow rates is a critical part of many industrial process control systems. If you need a portable analog or digital air flow meter that easily inserts into industrial ducts and pipes (up to 72 inches), choose Sierra Instruments SteelMass 640S.

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