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EX3000-302 Hydrogen Sulfide H2S In-Line Analyser

by Awa Instruments

The EX3000-302 Hydrogen Sulphide Gas Analyzer is a hydrogen sulfide (hydrogen sulphide, or H2S) gas monitoring system specifically designed for wastewater treatment plants, H2S removal processes and calibration gas manufacturers. The analyzer is mounted on a 19' rack. The front panel incorporates a flow meter to check the circulation of the ...

Ormantine - Hydrogen Sulfide Diffusion Tubes

by Ormantine USA Ltd., Inc.

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) pollution is associated with an unpleasant odour, as are many other pollutants. Diffusion tubes are an inexpensive way of determining the chemical cause of the odour and are easy to use, requiring no specialist skills. Sampling periods are 2-4 weeks, and therefore the tubes are used to detect the long-term presence of ...

RAE Systems MultiRAE - QRAE II 02-LEL-CO-H2S - QRAE II 02-LEL-CO-H2S

by Argus-Hazco

The QRAE II is a full-featured, compact, one-to-four sensor gas detector for detection of Combustibles, Oxygen, Hydrogen Sulfide and Carbon Monoxide. Key features include easy-to-charge, externally accessed battery packs (available in rechargeable and alkaline versions), and a water-resistant case and a new state of the art O2 sensor technology ...

MSA ALTAIR - CO and H2S Single-Gas Detector

by Argus-Hazco

The MSA ALTAIR is a reliable high-performance single-gas detector with sensor options of H2S, CO or O2 and provides two years or 1080 alarm minutes of service life under warranty with no maintenance.

PRI-SC - Hydrogen Peroxide Regenerated Iron for Sulfide Control

by U.S. Peroxide, LLC - a Trojan Technologies Company

Odor control within sanitary sewers has been practiced for over 50 years, yet only recently have substantive advances been made. Where once the choice of chemical treatment was either chlorine or iron salts, safer and more environmentally benign technologies based on nitrates, hydrogen peroxide, and/or magnesium hydroxide have gained acceptance. ...

Force Main Systems Sulfide Odor Control with Hydrogen Peroxide

by U.S. Peroxide, LLC - a Trojan Technologies Company

Force main systems are typically high sulfide odor generators due to septicity conditions related to full pipe flow and a greater anaerobic slime layer (biofilm) thickness.  Primary factors that influence sulfide loading generation in a force main include sewage temperature, BOD, retention time, pipe size and flow.  Gaseous hydrogen ...

Gravity Main Sulfide Odor Control with Hydrogen Peroxide

by U.S. Peroxide, LLC - a Trojan Technologies Company

Gravity main sewer systems include major trunk lines and the tributaries that feed them.  Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) odor builds up in the collections system as the flows collect from upstream reaches and become larger, deeper and more septic (oxygen depleted) in the downstream reaches more near to the wastewater treatment plant.  In ...

PureAir - XL - Sulphasorb for Acid Gas Adsorbent

by Pure Air Filtration, LLC

Pure Air Filtration's Sulphasorb XL adsorbent media has the highest hydrogen sulphide (H2S) removal capacity commercially available. H2S is the primary gas in sewage odors and industrial process gases. This high capacity (greater than 0.30 g/cc which is more than 50 percent by weight) gives Pure Air Filtration gas removal systems the capability to ...

PureAir - FE - Sulphasorb Iron Chemistry H2S Scavenger

by Pure Air Filtration, LLC

Pure Air Filtration's Sulphasorb FE adsorbs 25% of its weight in hydrogen sulfide (H2S), for more than its activated carbon competitors. Made from a high iron content compound, Sulphasorb Fe is an all-around better choice than activated carbon for use in odor control scrubbers where H2S levels exceed 50 ppm.

Kemira - H2S-Guard Odour And Corrosion Control

by Kemira Water Solutions, Inc.

Monitors, controls and protects against odour and corrosion. The Kemira H2S-Guard solution presents instant information on current levels of hydrogen sulphide H2S, providing a clear view of the situation in the sewer network and how critical parameters change over time. The H2S-Guard provides automatic dosing of water treatment chemicals.

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