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Air Pressure Sensors for Babuc M/A


If Babuc is connected to one of the barometric sensors it becomes a differential or absolute barometer. Several differential pressure measurement ranges are available; they allow to cover many applications. Differential barometers can be connected to Pitot and Darcy tubes for air speed measurement.

Air Speed and Rotation Sensors for Babuc M/A


Babuc is an excellent anemometer because hot wire anemometric probes, fan anemometric probes and Pitot tubes can be connected to it. The range covers any need of monitoring: high and low speed monitoring, monitoring inside pipes or environmental monitoring. Babuc directly calculates air flow and the number of air exchanges.In order to measure the ...

Ahlstrom Flow2Save - Improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

by Ahlstrom Filtration

Air Pollution is one of today’s biggest problems in industrial countries. At the same time, awareness of indoor air quality (IAQ) issues is growing and energy consumption needs to decrease to improve sustainability. To address these needs, Ahlstrom has created Ahlstrom Flow2Save, a patent-pending media for High Efficiency Air (HEA) ...

Fan anemometers


The fan type anemometer is a sensor for measureing air speed in ducts or at ventilation grid outlets.The sensor may be connected directly with LSI-LASTEM acquisition systems or to an X100S converter to provide analog output (4-20 mA) depending on air speed.

Differential barometers


Range includes sensors for detection of pressure in air and in non-ionic, non-corrosive gases with a wide selection of ranges of measurement; sensors have normalised output and can be recalibrated. They may be connected with Pitot and Darcy tubes for measuring air speed.



The thermohygrograph is an instrument used to read and record in printed form, air temperature and relative humidity.The instrument can be used whenever, in sheltered environments, temperature and humidity variation readings are required : meteorological use in weather stations, the food industry, laboratories, horticulture, museums, CED's, ...

Indoor Packaged

by Genco Electro-Mechanical

You can improve your building’s energy savings through the use of high quality, energy efficient products. Indoor packaged HVAC equipment from Johnson Controls features highly efficient, quality engineered and dependable products in an offering that includes air- and water-cooled.

Hot wire anemometers


Accurately measure the air speed, including at low speeds, in ducts, at duct outlets and in rooms. The sensors are mounted on the walls of the duct by means of a sliding flange or a sliding screwed fitting. The analog output is selectable. Versions with 0-5 m/s or 0-20 m/s range and 12 Vdc or 24 Vac power supply are available.

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