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Model Single Packer - Inflatable Packers

by Geodrill Master     based in Sanpathong, THAILAND

Packers are used around the world as underground test devices for liquid pressure measurements and major elements used where drilling and injection are done by injection of consolidating or waterproofing grouts, and have many applications related to construction sites mentioned as below.

BIM BAR - Inflatable Single Packers ( 28 — 170 Mm )

by Geopro S.A.     based in Mons, BELGIUM

Geopro manufactures a complete range of inflatable single packers available in nine different diameters from 0 28mm up to 0 170mm. These packers are mainly used for cement grouting, permeability testing...

BIMBAR - ZI Double Inflatable Packers ( 28-17omm)

by Geopro S.A.     based in Mons, BELGIUM

Each single packer from 0 28mm to 0 -17omm can easily be transformed into a double packer assembly by adding a speci-fic element : the central element CE. Just unscrew the sliding end from the single packer and replace it with the CE element. Complete the installation by screwing a standard inflatable element S (sleeve) and a plug PL on the lower ...

Frac-Packer - Well Rehabilitation System

by Flatwater Fleet, Inc     based in Saginaw (Duluth), MINNESOTA (USA)

The FRAC-PACKER is a multi-purpose down-hole tool designed for use in hydro-fracturing, pressure grouting, acid injection, zone test-pumping, and environmental applications. When activated by a 10,000 psi pump on the surface, a unique hydraulic cylinder compresses 4 rubber seals that lock on borehole walls or casing. Average 'setting' time is 1 ...

Tigre Tierra - Inflatable Packers

by Aardvark Packers     based in Port Orchard, WASHINGTON (USA)

Tigre Tierra Inflatable Packers, designed and manufactured by Aardvark Packers, range from simple fixed-head balloon packers to steel-reinforced sliding-head Viton and stainless steel monitoring systems with multiple transducers and pumps. In addition, we offer our patented Tigre Tierra Wireline Packer Systems for permeability testing during core ...

Borehole Packers

by GEONOR, Inc.     based in Milford, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

RST instruments Borehole Packers are pneumaO-caiiy or nyataufcaiiy inflatable packers ma incor¬porate one fi«ed ana one slicing to a center shaft mis siding nead packer giand to retract aoout tne center snan. itkfflatee.

TAM Inflatable Packers

by Environmental Equipment & Supply     based in Harrisburg, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Packers and Straddle Packer assemblies are available for Rent for wells sizing 3″ through 12″ along with pumps, tubing, regulator, pressure transducers, etc. Inflatable packers are commonly used for zone isolation, testing, well grouting, and water control. Each packer must be set up individually to meet your job requirements.

Tigre Tierra - Wireline Inflatable Packers

by Aardvark Packers     based in Port Orchard, WASHINGTON (USA)

Aardvark Packers Wireline Packer is a time-saving method of conducting permeability testing during core drilling. The test is carried out with the drill string in place, reducing the time required to test in open or unstable formations. Available for all makes of wireline core barrels, Tigre Tierra Wireline Packers are easily repaired in the field ...

Grout Packers

by QSP Packers, LLC     based in Sumner, WASHINGTON (USA)

A typical grouting job uses either inflatable or mechanical packers.  The selection is determined based on the condition of the borehole, the depth of the hole and what support equipment is readily available. Inflatable packers range in length form 10” up to five feet or more.  They are specifically designed for depths more ...

Borehole Packers

by RST Instruments Ltd.     based in Maple Ridge, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)

Borehole Packers are suitable for a wide variety of applications in open or cased holes. Uses include permeability testing, monitor well sampling, packer piezometers, hydro-fracturing of formations, sealing artesian flows in open or cased boreholes and pressure grouting.

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