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Intake Screen

by Quilton S.A.     based in Getxo, SPAIN

The passive filter for water intake Quilton type Johnson is manufactured in stainless steel using wedgewire to minimise clogging. Each intake is fitted with an air distributor for cleaning. The Quilton type Johnson water intakes are a registered model based on an average through slot velocity of 0.135 m/s (0.15 m/s maximum). The drag on solids is ...

Intake Screens

by Delta Screens     based in Houston, TEXAS (USA)

Although abundant, surface water can be surprisingly difficult for municipal and industrial users to capture. The challenges are numerous.

Wedgewater - Intake Screen

by Gravity Flow Systems Southwest, Inc.     based in Dripping Springs, TEXAS (USA)

Wedgewater Intake Screens combine smooth Wedgewater screen surface, maximum through-screen volume design, high open area, and all-welded construction. Screens can be piped to a wet well or connect directly to the pumps. Either way, the water flows slowly, smoothly and uniformly through the screen sur-face, leaving debris and aquatic life in the ...

Tee Intake Screens and Drum Intake Screens

by Concord Screen Inc     based in Newmarket, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Simplify your approach to the design and manufacturing of intake screens for your operation. Concord Screen is the major manufacturer of high quality wedge wire intake screens. Concord Screen custom designs and builds for all types of industrial facilities requiring intake water including nuclear, hydroelectric, coal, gas, oil and chemical plants, ...

Pump Intake Screens

by Hydroscreen Co. LLC     based in Denver, COLORADO (USA)

Municipalities and irrigators must frequently pump water through submerged intake screens. The cylindrical pump intake screen configuration is very effective for this application. Cleaning is accomplished by an air burst back flush system designed to produce a rapid release of air into the cylindrical screens creating a reverse flow out through ...

Water Intake Screen Cleaners

by Landustrie Sneek BV     based in Sneek, NETHERLANDS

Screen cleaners are employed in many places to remove floating and/or suspended debris. The principle of the Landy screen cleaner is based on a construction running along an elevated track, and consisting of a carriage and a loose grab, available in several configurations. The advantage of a loose grab is that screens of any width and depth can be ...

Water intake screen

by Haixing Wedge Wire Co,. Ltd     based in hengshui, CHINA

A passive surface water intake screen is a submerged static filter without the need for any working components. The passive HAIXING surface water intake screen acts as a filter to protect a pumping station against damage from floating debris but without any environmental impact. HAIXING designs, manufactures, and markets the complete unit ...

Atlantech - Passive Intake Screens

by Atlantech Companies     based in Charlottetown, PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND (CANADA)

Atlantech Passive Intake Screens are designed specifically to prevent make-up pumps from sucking unwanted materials such as fish, seaweed, rocks etc into the main supply line. This simple level of protection will protect pump impellers from damage and prevent clogging of intake lines - A valuable means of ensuring uninterrupted water supply. All ...

Stainless Steel Water Intake Screens

by Hendrick Screen Company     based in Owensboro, KENTUCKY (USA)

Hendrick Screen has 40 years of experience and technical expertise in the production of stainless steel wedge wire screen and profile bar screens, and is a leading producer of passive water intake screens used for the withdrawal of larger volumes of water from streams, lakes and reservoirs.

Model AC - Aqua Screen

by ANDRITZ Separation - a division of the Andritz Group     based in Graz, AUSTRIA

The ANDRITZ aqua screen ensures maximum online availability with minimum maintenance and customized fit requirements in many solids/liquid separation processes. Used in diverse industry sectors such as municipal sewage treatment, combined sewer (CSO) industrial wastewater, pulp and paper, food processing, chemical processing, and raw water intake.

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