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Lenntech - Iron Removal Plants

by Lenntech Water Treatment     based in Delft, NETHERLANDS

Iron removal plants can be based on different filtration media, depending on the iron and manganese concentration, the oxygen level, CO2 content and hardness of the water.

Cost-Effective Iron Removal

by newterra ltd     based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Robust Technologies for a Wide Range of Concentrations & Flows: Iron is naturally present in ground and surface waters. Though not a health hazard, iron depositing and fouling can have significant operational, maintenance and cost implications for remediation and other water treatment processes.

Iron Removal

by Harbauer GmbH     based in Berlin, GERMANY

Groundwater often contains soluble ferrous and manganous compounds which, when getting in contact with air, oxidize and convert into insoluble compounds (oxides, hydroxides). These may disturb processes such as reseepage by choking up infiltration wells, or interfere with other conditioning or treatment processes.

Model ME-25 and ME-50 - Large Iron Removing Filters

by Blue Future Filters, Inc.     based in Bellingham, WASHINGTON (USA)

The ME series iron filters are designed for those who need significant flows for irrigation, commercial or domestic use, and have iron, manganese, sand, silt, hydrogen sulfide and other contaminants in their groundwater source. The ME filters use natural processes such as cascade aeration and up-flow gravel filtration, which means you don't have ...

Iron Removal Systems

by Specialty Systems Integrators, Inc.     based in Plymouth, MINNESOTA (USA)

SSI’s Iron Removal Systems treats iron and manganese with a three-step process of oxidation, precipitation, and filtration. An oxidizer is added to the water, which induces precipitation of the iron and hydrogen sulfide, and the precipitated contaminant is then filtered out of the water.

Iron Removal Filter

by Canadian Clear     based in San Antonio, TEXAS (USA)

Bore well water passes through the IRF filter from the Raw Water Storage Tank. The IRF Filter removes Iron. Structural Design: Manufactured with FRP/SS outer casing to provide structure, strength and longevity of 20-30 years. Internally lined with acid resistance fiber re-enforced plastic (FRP) / Epoxy. All valves used in the system of ...

DEMAG - Model 255-405-805 - Iron Remover For Liquids

by Cuccolini S.r.l.     based in Reggio Emilia, ITALY

Iron-remover for fluids with automatic cleaning. The amazing strength of the permanent magnets made of Neodymium used to construct the rollers and the exclusive automatic cleaning system make the DEMAG iron-remover the most effective unit for controlling slurries and liquids.

Deferum - Unique Iron Removal Technologies

by PWC, Pure Water Corporation     based in Delta (Vancouver), BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)

High Iron Removal Is No Longer A Myth It Is A Reality And Now Comes With A Money Back Guarantee!. DEFERUM High Iron Removal PlantBut first, a few facts about Iron. Iron is one of the earth's most plentiful resources, making up at least five percent of the earth's crust. Rainfall seeping through the soil dissolves iron in the earth's surface and ...

Iron Removal & Water Treatment System

by Aqua Sure Water Treatment Group Inc     based in Manitoba, MANITOBA (CANADA)

A smart solution for your serious water problems, the Charger Iron Breaker III filter series uses natural oxidation to eliminate iron and sulphur from your water supply. We also carry the Charger Reverse Osmosis water purification system.

Euraqua - Model Evolve Series - Iron Removal Unit with Crystal Right

by Euraqua Europe     based in Waregem, BELGIUM

Evolve Series water treatment systems combine patented self-chlorinating technology with advanced electronics to perform like four units in one — softening, removing iron and manganese, and raising low pH levels. This self-sanitizing system also controls odours caused by nuisance bacteria and minor sulphur conditions. With so many features, ...

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