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AlgaeLab - Laboratory Analyser

by bbe Moldaenke GmbH     based in Schwentinental, GERMANY

Determination of chlorophyll-a, algae classes and photosynthesis activity for scientific and routine analysis. The special patterns of algal fluorescence - so-called fingerprints - are used in the AlgaeLabAnalyser and other bbe fluorometers for the qualification of different algae classes. The light sources for the excitation are LEDs with ...

Partech - Model MicroMac 1000 - Portable Single or Multiparameter Colorimetric Analyser

by Partech (Electronics) Ltd.     based in St Austell, UNITED KINGDOM

The MicroMac 1000 is designed to operate as a free standing colorimetric analyser which gives the user the ability to get 'live' data from a site for a short period of time without having to install complex on-line monitoring packages.

Partech - Model MicroMac C - Single or Multiparameter Colorimetric Analyser

by Partech (Electronics) Ltd.     based in St Austell, UNITED KINGDOM

The MicroMac C is designed to operate in an industrial or treatment works environment with minimal routine intervention and uses wherever possible industry standard chemistry methods. The robust nature of the MicroMac C with its separate electronic and chemistry compartments the latter including reagent storage provides a highly reliable on-line ...

Model TCO - Trace Carbon Monoxide Analyser

by Analox Sensor Technology     based in Stokesley, UNITED KINGDOM

The Analox trace carbon monoxide (TCO) analyser uses the stability of a laser for low level carbon monoxide measurements.  The use of a sophisticated laser based measurement allows long calibration intervals, excellent noise performance and intrinsic linearity, coupled to long operation life and low maintenance requirements which can all be ...

MAESTRO - Model PSA LCMS - Nitrogen Gas Generators

by F-DGSi     based in Evry Cedex, FRANCE

The LC-MS analysers do not all share the same requirements in terms of type, flow rate, pressure and purity of the gases needed for their operation. That's why the MAESTRO LCMS series was created to meet the needs of all LC/MS analyses on the market. F-DGSi LC/MS Nitrogen Generators are available in 5 models with or without built-in compressor ...

Syngas analyser

by Protea Limited     based in Cheshire, UNITED KINGDOM

atmosFIRi is a Fourier Transform Infra-Red (FTIR) analyser with a very small volume flow-through cell and a high throughput single pass gas cell. atmosFIRi is ideally suited to the measurement of CO, CO2, CH4 and other non-CH4 hydrocarbons in Syngas composition.There are no costly gold coated optics with in the gas cell, as long pathlength are not ...

F-DGSi - Model Series ANG / ZAN - Combine Air and Nitrogen Gas Generator

by F-DGSi     based in Evry Cedex, FRANCE

The combine N2/Air generator eliminates the need for costly, inconvenient high pressure cylinders in the laboratory. Including an integral oil free air compressor in option, the combine nitrogen/air generators deliver a continuous stream of pure nitrogen gas > 99,9995% and grade purified air with HCs content

F-DGSi - Model Zefiro-LCMS - Nitrogen Generator

by F-DGSi     based in Evry Cedex, FRANCE

The nitrogen generator has been specifically designed to meet the gas flow, purity and pressure requirements of LCMS instruments. It can be used also for solvent evaporation. The Nitrogen generator use pressure swing adsorption technology (PSA) combined with a pressure management in two steps to produce pure nitrogen gas with a high flow, pressure ...

ALIZE - Laboratory Nitrogen Gas Generators

by F-DGSi     based in Evry Cedex, FRANCE

F-DGS's range of laboratory Nitrogen Gas Generators are some of best designed PSA Nitrogen Gas Generators available. Utilizing the reliable and efficient PSA technique of separating Nitrogen and Oxygen is used to produce high quality Nitrogen Gas at various flows and purities (see performance data). The Generator is controlled using the latest in ...

ChromaTCD - Model C41022 - Gas Analyser

by Chromatotec Group     based in Saint Antoine, FRANCE

The continuous mode permanent gases monitor. A highly automated system for routine field measurement of permanent gases on the range. The chromaTCD is an automatic industrial gas analyser. The sample comes through the sampling loop. Then the sample is injected into an analytical column for separation. The system uses packed or capillary column.

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