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Landfill Leachate Treatment

by OSMO Membrane Systems GmbH

Landfill leachate must not be leaded to the canalization or the recipient untreated. According to the guidelines of environmental protection, waste water hast to fulfill limit values of introduction and reusable water has to be cleaned and separated to be used as process water or maybe as drinking water. So, also landfill leachate – as many ...

Landfill Leachate

by Sorubin AB

Aeration of dirty waters is an energy intensive business. But, Sorubin is turning that old truth in to a history lesson! Aeration is a very useful and common method for leachate treatment. It is also rightfully considered a very expensive method of treatment. This is mainly because of the energy consumption. However, Sorubin has a patented new ...

AO3 & 4 - Medium Capacity Advanced Oxidation Systems

by HF Pure Water

Full Automation, continuous onboard water quality monitoring, UV exposure designed for small continuous processing plants to polish out organic materials such as Arsenic and Cyanide. If the amount of organic material is fixed we can determine from testing of samples the exact amount of UV power required to eliminate these contaminants. AO3 and 4s ...

Mac 111AS/1 - Balers: For Large Bulky Materials Without Any Pre-Treatment

by Macpresse Europa S.R.L

Capacity: 40/65 tons/hour. The MAC 111AS/1 is specifically designed for the North American market. The oversized feeding hopper 83”x40” can bale large bulky materials without any pre-treatment reaching an hourly output of over 35 tons per hour with old corrugated containers (OCC).

Tailor-made Solutions For Leachate

by GEL Hydrotechnology for Life

Solid Urban Waste Landfills generate a process fluid in the volume of stored waste, called “Leachate”, due to infiltrations and leaching phenomena. Leachate contains a lot of polluting substances and it is characterized by high concentrations of: Organic substances (COD, TOC, BOD5). Nitrogen Compounds (Ammonia). Heavy Metals. Salinity ...

Treatment of leachate of compost and waste disposal sites

by HortiMaX

The leachate of compost and waste disposal sites must not reach the ground-water because of its pollution with COD, BOD5, ammonium, and other nutrients. That’s why it is collected in cisterns, tanks, or ponds and re-used for irrigation on compost sites. However, leachate tends to be rather odoriferous due to its high pollution load. This makes ...

Leachate Pilot Treatment Plant

by Cornelsen

Cornelsen has developed a fully functioning mobile containerised treatment plant enabling onsite leachate trials of between 1-2m3/per day. This has proved invaluable in testing the performance of a SBR system and thus enabling accurate sizing of the full plant. The pilot plant has full PLC driven capability with caustic soda dosing and SMS texting ...

Leachate Aeration

by Cornelsen

A range of submersible mixers and mixer/aerators are used to optimize aeration efficiency and oxygen transfer. Sufficient mixing is required to enable the solids to remain suspended and thoroughly mixed with oxygen enriched effluent, thus enhancing aerobic digestion and improving process efficiency and final effluent quality. The type ...

Leachate Storage

by Viridian Systems Ltd

SteelHDPEPolypropyleneGRPWe can incorporate all forms of ATEX/DSEAR compliant tank level controls, contents gauges and read-out and alarms including:Ultrasonic transmitterSubmersible pressure transducerPiezo-electric element vibrating forksFloat switchesPneumatic tank level devicesBund overflow and rainwater sensing and control

microBLOX - Ready-to-Operate (RTO) - Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) System

by Ovivo (Formerly Eimco Water Technologies)

Ready-to-Operate (RTO), microBLOX membrane bioreactor (MBR) systems are fully functional solutions to wastewater treatment problems and are ideally suited for a wide range of applications, including, military camps, shopping malls, golf courses, resorts, casinos, sewer mining (scalping), food and beverage, leachate and more.

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