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Excellent Orca

by Excellent Ozone Systems & Consultants BV

Is drinkwaterkwaliteit voor u een zorg? Bent u er zeker van dat uw drinkwater Legionella vrij is? Bent u voorbereid op een inspectie? Legionella preventie is mogelijk en hoeft niet duur te zijn. Installeer het Excellent Orca systeem en al uw problemen worden opgelost.

Copper / Silver Ionisation

by Hatenboer-Water BV

Legionella forms a serious health risk in buildings such as hospitals, hotels and pools. Small colonies of Legionella bacteria can, under the right conditions, grow to become large outbreaks, making it unsafe to use the water for showering or other use that produces aerosols (small droplets of water which enter our lungs through breathing). The ...


by Guldager (Switzerland) AG

Legionella as an environmentally caused infectious disease presents the public health issue in the technically structured environment of the human beings, whose importance grows due to the rising degree of technical development. Since 1988, legionellosis is a subject to registration in Switzerland. Many diseases caused by legionella are not ...


by Holland Environment Group B.V.

BIFIPRO is our solution to address Legionella problems in drinkwater systems for hospitals, hotels, homes providing care for the elderly, government institutions (such as prisons), and leisure companies such as spa's, sauna's and wellness centers. BIFIPRO: works to eliminate legionnairs disease bacteria, guaranteed, saves you money and allows your ...

Gas Liquid Contact System

by RWB Water Services

Suspended or dissolved solids which are present in gases and liquids that have to be contacted with one another often cause fouling of the equipment. This causes higher operational costs and may lead to increased risks for the environment and human health (such as Legionella).

Prime Water - Anti-Legionella Hand Shower

by Prime Water BVBA

ABS housing with 5 position jet and check valve. With membrane micro-filter in the handle (Part no: CH 1006 1085). Flow rate: 8 LpM (2 GpM. Service life: approx. 1500 litres (375 gallons).

Legipid - Legionella Fast Detection Kit

by Bioquímica Analítica, S.L.

The Legipid test can quickly and effectively detect the amount of free and intact Legionella pneumophila (all serogroups) in water, based on the capture of the bacterium by an interaction that depends on the integrity of the cell envelop, as recognized sensing element regulating the infectivity of this bacterium.

BacTerminator - HotWater - Legionella Disinfection System

by Adept Water Technologies A/S

Hot water Legionella disinfection without adding chemicals to the water. BacTerminator HotWater is a new way to protect your hot water system against Legionella growth and biofilm, scaling and corrosion. By combining several unique water treatment methods, it has been possible to produce a highly effective Legionella treatment system that works ...

DTK - LTK0020 - Legionella Domestic Monitoring Kit

by droptestkits.com ltd

The domestic Legionella Test kit is a breakthrough in technology from Hyrdosense for the rapid detection of legionella bacteria (SG 1) in hot and cold water systems.  Test results can be obtained in minutes instead of days.

Legionella Test Kit

by Acorn Water

Fastest turnaround laboratory water testing service; Post sample bottle to laboratory. Receive E-mail notification of results online. Download report. Your water is analysed to ISO9001:2000 accredited standard using the latest lab technology; the only accurate way of determining the presence of legionella in water.

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