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Shimadzu - DGU-20A3/DGU-20A5 - Liquid Chromatographs

by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc

Removing dissolved gases in mobile phases is an important step for ensuring proper function of pump check valves, and to prevent outgassing in the detector flow cell. The LC-20A series degassers feature extremely efficient degassing in a low-volume, compact design. The degassers are powered by the LC-20A series pumps, and the pump control panel ...

Shimadzu - LC-20AB - Liquid Chromatographs

by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc

The LC-20AB is a binary, high-pressure gradient solvent delivery unit that incorporates two LC-20AD pumps into one compact unit. The space-saving design and superior performance of the LC-20AD pump provide precise and accurate high-pressure gradients.

Shimadzu - LC-20AT - Liquid Chromatographs

by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc

The LC-20AT possesses a high level of stability while maintaining high performance during routine use. The ability to remove pulsations has been improved by modifying the pump-head structure and the flow line.

Shimadzu - LC-20AD - Liquid Chromatographs

by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc

The LC-20AD offers the most stable solvent delivery performance in the world. With an automatic pulsation-correction mechanism and high-speed micro plunger drive, it achieves pulse-free solvent delivery. Improvements in solvent-delivery control firmware have significantly improved performance in the micro-flow-rate range below 50 µL/min.

Shimadzu - CBM-20A/CBM-20Alite - Liquid Chromatographs

by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc

The CBM-20A/CBM-20Alite is the world's first Web-based HPLC system controller. Equipped with a data buffering function, the CBM-20A/CBM-20Alite acts as an interface for connecting LC workstations, network-client computers, and analytical instruments via Ethernet. An easy-to-use Web interface enables users to set-up, control and monitor their HPLC ...

Shimadzu - CTO-20A20AC10ASvp - Liquid Chromatographs

by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc

Large-capacity, forced hot-air circulation units, the CTO-20A/20AC HPLC column ovens precisely regulate the temperature around the column. Automatic fan-speed control varies with the set temperature to provide stable analysis that is not influenced by the ambient temperature.

LC-2010HT - Liquid Chromatographs

by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc

The LC-2010HT is a next-generation HPLC based on the concept of high-throughput analysis and automated validation. The LC-2010HT is comprised of a degassing unit, quaternary low-pressure gradient unit, pump unit, mixer, ultra fast autosampler, column oven, and a UV-VIS detector with a thermostatted flow cell. System reliability has been further ...

Shimadzu - LCMS-2020 - Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer

by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc

Delivering the ultimate in measurement speed and sensitivity, the compact LCMS-2020 mass spectrometer offers faster measurements and higher detection sensitivity for quicker and more accurate detection of trace impurities, environmental pollutants, and other contaminants. When combined with a Prominence ultra-fast LC (UF

Shimadzu - LC-20AP - High Performance Liquid Chromatograph

by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc

The LC-20AP offers a high level of core performance for a wide range of applications, from analytical to large-scale fractionation. Even though it is especially well-suited to laboratory scale automated continuous fractionation using large-scale preparative columns (20 to 50 mm I.D.), it can also be used with analytical size columns (1 mL/min) for ...

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