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LC/MS Fraction Collection

by Advion, Inc.

LC/MS Fraction Collection using the TriVersa NanoMate gives researchers the ability to spend more time analyzing complex portions of their samples without having to reinject. LC/MS with simultaneous fraction collection is ideally suited for researchers interested in metabolite identification, biomarker analysis, and protein characterization or any ...

PHOTOMATE - Model APPI - Atmospheric Pressure Photoionization Source for Waters Micromass LC/MS Instruments

by MasSpec Consulting Inc.

Waters Micromass LC/MSAPPI can detect important compounds that other sources can miss. A significant complement to ESI and APCI, APPI can greatly expand the range and classes of compounds for analysis, including nonpolar molecules that are not easily ionized by ESI or APCI.

PHOTOMATE - Model APPI - Atmospheric Pressure Photoionization Source for Thermo LCQ and Quantum LC/MS Instruments

by MasSpec Consulting Inc.

APPI SourceThis multimode source provides flexibility. Choose from three modes of operation – APPI only, APCI only, and dual APPI/APCI.

Agilent - Model 6495 - Triple Quadrupole LC/MS System

by Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Improved Sensitivity and Robustness, Greater Productivity. With its new 6495 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS System, Agilent Technologies has raised the standard for quantitative analysis. Built on the proven performance of Agilent’s iFunnel Technology, the 6495 extends sensitivity, dynamic range, robustness, precision, and accuracy to new levels. ...

Advion Expression - Model CMS - Control Module

by DataApex

The Advion Expression CMS Control module allows for direct control of the Advion Expression CMS LC-MS detector. The control is performed via USB.

Agilent - Model 6560 - Ion Mobility Q-TOF LC/MS System

by Agilent Technologies, Inc.

The Agilent 6560 Ion Mobility Q-TOF LC/MS system reveals greater detail from complex samples by adding an extra dimension of ion mobility separation coupled with accurate collision cross section measurements without class dependent calibration standards. The Agilent Ion Mobility Q-TOF system coupled with the Agilent 1290 UHPLC, provides the ...

ACQUITY - UPLC M-Class System

by Waters Corporation

Let your LC inlet do the work for your Nano- to Microscale separations. System of choice for sample-limited applications in proteomics and biomarker discovery, Higher sensitivity for any MS, Maximum amount of data from any sample, Less sample preparation volume and cost, Reduced solvent consumption, Increased dynamic range, Flexible configurations ...

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