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IQAir - Dental Hg & FlexVac

by Commercial Air Filtration

Infection Control & Targeted Mercury Removal for Dentists. The Dental Hg is predominantly used by dentists who remove significant quantities of amalgam to protect both themselves, their staff and their patients from toxic mercury vapours. The Dental Hg is most commonly used with the FlexVac attachment. The FlexVac allows the dentist to ...

Wastewater Mercury Control - Predict Hg

by Nalco Mobotec

From chemical treatments to analytical services to mechanical separation options, Nalco provides the solutions customers need to meet their mercury discharge requirements.

Ultra Adsorptive Carbon Mercury UAC-Hg

by Biogenic Reagents

UAC-Hg is part of a new line of ultra adsorptive carbons, featuring domestically produced, renewable, wood-based carbons that use a unique graphene-carbon structure for exceptional adsorptivity. UAC-Hg is a powdered activated carbon that has been specially developed for removal of mercury in flue gas emission streams.

Tekran - Model 3310 - Elemental Hg Calibration Unit

by Tekran Instruments Corporation

The Tekran Model 3310 Elemental Mercury Calibrator allows high level mercury monitoring systems to be accurately calibrated using elemental mercury. It integrates seamlessly with the Tekran' Series 3300 speciating CEM, however it can also be used as a stand-alone mercury calibration system. The calibration source allows both multi-point ...

Sulfur oxides (SOx) removal / Nitrogen oxides (NOx) removal / Mercury (Hg) - removal


Power plants, as well as other industrial installations burning coal and/or heavy fuels, are a significant source of three major polluting and toxic emissions: sulfur oxides (SOx), nitrogen oxides (NOx), mercury (Hg) and other heavy metals.Numerous technologies exist to reduce the emissions of these pollutants, first and foremost to meet ...

Cemtrex - Model SM4 - Mercury Monitor

by Cemtrex Inc.

The Cemtrex SM-4 has been designed to meet especially the requirements for measuring gases with very low Hg concentrations in a matrix of increased concentrations of SO2, NOx, HCl and others as found in stack gases.Applications include coal fired power plants, waste incinerators, cement kilns and all other process gases which contain mercury ...

MercOx - Mercury Removal/Reduction

by Götaverken Miljö AB

Mercury is often released from thermal treatment plants during short periods of time creating very high mercury peak concentrations in the raw gas. Many traditional flue gas treatment systems have limited buffer capacity and they cannot reduce these peak concentrations as much as required. In such case, or in applications where the raw gas mercury ...

Purolite - Model S924 - Selective Removal of Mercury for Regenerable Systems

by Purolite Corporation

Purolite S924 is a chelating resin, polystyrene based and designed for the selective removal of mercury. The mercury is strongly bound to the functional groups to form highly stable complexes with high selective affinity compared with those of other heavy metals. Even so the high selectivity for metals such as silver, copper, lead, cadmium, nickel ...

Enprove - H2O2 for NOx and Mercury Abatement

by FMC Corporation

For over sixty years, FMC has leveraged its knowledge of oxidation chemistry to develop a portfolio environmental solutions to help protect our air, water, and soil resources. Today, FMC is commercializing a new technology to cost-effectively address NOx and Mercury emissions. NASA Technology FMC holds the exclusive license to patented ...

Purolite - Model S920 - Selective Removal of Mercury and Platinum Group Metals - Non-Regenerable

by Purolite Corporation

Purolite S920 is a macroporous polystyrenic based chelating resin, with thiouronium groups designed for the selective removal of mercury and for the recovery of precious metals from the industrial effluents. The mercury, in particular, is strongly bound to the functional groups to form highly stable complexes, with high selective affinity compared ...

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