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Oxford Instruments - X-MET7500 - Scrap Metal Analyzer

by Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis

The X-MET7500 Scrap Metal Analyzer is an invaluable tool at the scrap yard to sort scrap, from stainless steel to aluminium alloys. The Scrap Metal Analyzer enables you to quickly and reliably identify scrap metal and determine its value, thus maximising your profits.

Pollution - Polaris - Portable Flame Ionization Detection (FID) Analyzer - Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer for Stack Emissions

by Pollution Srl

POLARIS FID is an on-site portable TOC Analyser (Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer) for Stack Emissions in compliance with EN12619, EN13526 and EPA METHOD 25A. Our portable heated FID (flame ionization detection) analyzer is TÜV Rheinald certified. It is a fully portable instrument because it incorporates everything needed for the analysis.

OVA7000 - On-line Trace Metal Analyser

by Modern Water - Monitoring Division

Designed for the requirements of the modern industries and the environmental monitoring of heavy metals. The OVA7000 provides real time data on heavy metal concentrations in surface water, industrial waste waters and process waters. •Modular construction reduces capital cost •Low voltage DC operation (AC as Option) •Internal reserve ...

mPulse - X-MET 5100 - Scrap Metal Analyser

by Verichek Technical Services, Inc

The laser causes a high temperature plasma to be formed on the surface of the test piece and the light generated indicates the chemical composition of the sample. Tests take just over 1 second. The resulting chemical analysis and alloy name is displayed on a large, touch screen, display. mPulse operation is completely ‘point-and-shoot’ ...

PMI-MASTER Smart - Portable Metal Analyzers

by Verichek Technical Services, Inc

Thanks to its light weight and small size, thePMI-MASTERSmart can be conveniently carried, making the analysis independent, especially in hard to reach places. Despite its compact dimensions it offers high analysis performance.

Palintest - Lead SA 1100 Scanning Analyzer

by DelAgua Group

The new SA1100 Scanning Analyzer represents a step forward in testing for lead and copper in water. The product uses a unique system to greatly simplify the heavy metal testing process. Years of research have resulted in the development of a disposable electrode which can quickly and accurately detect the presence and concentration of potentially ...

Sievers InnovOx - Laboratory Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer

by GE Analytical Instruments

The Sievers InnovOx Laboratory Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer represents a true breakthrough in high TOC measurement technology and reliability. The InnovOx (short for innovative oxidation) can consecutively handle thousands of common—as well as difficult samples such as brine and cellulose—with unprecedented system uptime. The ...

mPulse - Handheld LIBS - Scrap Metal Analyser

by Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis

mPulse is a hand-held portable scrap metal analyser. It features rapid 1 second sorting and is free from the regulatory constraints usually associated with x-ray systems. mPulse is easy to use and allows you to sort faster, making light work of metal grading and sorting.

17P5000 - Permanganate Analyzer

by Severn Trent Services, Inc

The Series 17P5000 analyzer is an amperometric device designed to provide continuous measurement of the concentration of permanganate. The analyzer uses a flowthrough measurement cell containing two dissimilar metal electrodes. As the water sample flows past the electrodes, a current is generated which is directly proportional to the specific ...

Procal - 2000 Range - Infra Red Analysers

by Procal

Procal 2000 is an infra-red (IR), duct or stack-mounted analyser designed to provide in-stack analysis of up to six, gas-phase emission components.

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