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Oxford Instruments - Model X-MET7500 - Scrap Metal Analyzer

by Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis

The X-MET7500 Scrap Metal Analyzer is an invaluable tool at the scrap yard to sort scrap, from stainless steel to aluminium alloys. The Scrap Metal Analyzer enables you to quickly and reliably identify scrap metal and determine its value, thus maximising your profits.

Model S1 Turbo SD - Handheld XRF Analyser

by MaTech b.v. / MaTech International VOF

The S1 Turbo SD is a handheld XRF analyser and utilizes the revolutionary Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) to provide unparalleled speed and accuracy for alloy grade identification (ID) and analysis. The extremely high sensitivity of the SDD allows the user to identify all elements in a sample matrix, including all light elements (with the LE ...

mPulse - Model X-MET 5100 - Scrap Metal Analyser

by Verichek Technical Services, Inc

The laser causes a high temperature plasma to be formed on the surface of the test piece and the light generated indicates the chemical composition of the sample. Tests take just over 1 second. The resulting chemical analysis and alloy name is displayed on a large, touch screen, display. mPulse operation is completely ‘point-and-shoot’ ...

Model S1 - Sorter For Handheld XRF Analyser

by MaTech b.v. / MaTech International VOF

The S1 Sorter - is a top quality handheld XRF analyser and utilizes a SiPIN Detector to provide high accuracy for alloy grade identification (ID) and analysis. Most likely the rugged S1 Sorter is the market´s best value for money choise if it comes to analyzing Fe, Co, Cu and Ni alloys in solid material, turnings and powders.

mPulse - Model Handheld LIBS - Scrap Metal Analyser

by Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis

mPulse is a hand-held portable scrap metal analyser. It features rapid 1 second sorting and is free from the regulatory constraints usually associated with x-ray systems. mPulse is easy to use and allows you to sort faster, making light work of metal grading and sorting.

FOUNDRY-MASTER - Model Xline Series - High Performance Metals Analyser

by Verichek Technical Services, Inc

High performance metals analyser designed for the foundry and metals industry.The recently introduced FOUNDRY-MASTER Xline is the ideal spectrometer for small ferrous and non-ferrous foundries and related processing industries. Offers outstanding performance and practical features usually only found with premium class instruments.

Model OVA7000 - On-line Trace Metal Analyser

by Modern Water - Monitoring Division

Designed for the requirements of the modern industries and the environmental monitoring of heavy metals. The OVA7000 provides real time data on heavy metal concentrations in surface water, industrial waste waters and process waters. •Modular construction reduces capital cost •Low voltage DC operation (AC as Option) •Internal reserve ...

PMI-MASTER Smart - Portable Metal Analyzers

by Verichek Technical Services, Inc

Thanks to its light weight and small size, thePMI-MASTERSmart can be conveniently carried, making the analysis independent, especially in hard to reach places. Despite its compact dimensions it offers high analysis performance.

LUMiFrac - Fracture Analyser

by L.U.M Gessellschaft

The fracture analyser LUMiFrac (winner of the Berlin-Brandenburg 2012 innovation award) is the new standard for measuring the adhesive and tensile strengths of your composite materials, multi-layer films and bonded parts. Starting as an idea for a more simple and objective determination of adhesion properties, it now revolutionises as ...

QuickTOCpurity - TOC Analyser

by LAR Process Analysers AG

Applications: Pure water. Process water. Boiler feed water. Condensate Return. Detailed application overview.

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