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Techsorb – Odor Control Unit

by Tech Universal (UK) Ltd     based in Cardiff, UNITED KINGDOM

Purpose: The TECHNSORB series has been designed for the purification of up to 4000m³/hr H2S laden air stream using single carbon bed. A feature is that the carbon can be regenerated at site. Air is blown into the bottom of the carbon bed and flows upward through the carbon bed.The air discharges to atmosphere via the top outlet nozzles. As ...

Model TSC - Odor Control System

by Tech Universal (UK) Ltd     based in Cardiff, UNITED KINGDOM

Odor nuisance is no longer acceptable to the general public and increasing pressure is being placed on management to control site odors. Although malodors do not cause physical harm, they effect human well being and quality of life. Odor nuisance is no longer a problem as Tech Universal technology for odour control are the update for the ...

Odor Major - Bacteria & Enzymes – Hydrogen Sulfide Odors, Sulphur and Nitrogen Based Odors

by New Waste Concepts, Inc.     Office in Topsham, UNITED KINGDOM

Odor Major provides a powerful combination of fast acting chemical and selectively adapted bacteria for imediate odor control. It is especially effective against a variety of Sulfur and Nitrogen containing malorderous components, including Hydrogen Sulfide, Ammonia, Amines, and volatile fatty acids.

Odour Control - Gas Scrubbers

by Odour Control Limited     based in Christchurch, UNITED KINGDOM

High pressure fogging is a simple and effective method of removing odours from waste handling and treatment sites. At Odour Control Ltd we can provide a safe and economical method of eliminating a wide range of odour and dust problems. An odour neutralising solution is dosed into the pump suction where it is mixed with water and then pumped at ...

VOCSIDIZER - Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer for VOC Control

by Babcock & Wilcox MEGTEC     Office in Standish, UNITED KINGDOM

The B&W MEGTEC VOCSIDIZER is a unique, single-bed, flameless Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) in a compact, modular design with low running costs.

ERG - Wet Scrubbers and Chemical Scrubbers

by ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd     based in Horsham, UNITED KINGDOM

ERG has been supplying chemical scrubbers for odour control since 1978, and has installed more than 50 systems throughout the UK in the last 10 years. We have treated air flowrates from less than 1,000 up to 200,000 m3/hr.

DryCat - System for Odour Control

by ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd     based in Horsham, UNITED KINGDOM

ERG's designers can match the air extraction rate and odour loading of each part of a sewage treatment plant to the odour control required for that area. Combining the basic building blocks of CIFs (catalytic iron filters), biofilters/bioscrubbers and dry media filters, and using intelligent design to look at the site as a whole, ERG's DryCat ...

Mobile Test Unit/Temporary Odour Control System

by Simdean Envirotec Ltd     based in Holmes Chapel, UNITED KINGDOM

Dual-purpose technology developed by Simdean odour control engineers. Checks whether Simdean carbon adsorption is the right pollution control process for your particular application. Hire costs refunded in full if a full scale system is ordered. Can also be used as a temporary odour control system if your facilities are undergoing maintenance or ...

sera - Controllable Multi-layer Diaphragm Pumps

by sera GmbH     Office in Peterborough, UNITED KINGDOM

Field of application: Flow free mediums with aggressive, viscous, radioactive, flammable, odorous or toxic characteristics.

Model IMS-ODOR - Stationary Measurement Device

by G.A.S. Gesellschaft für analytische Sensorsysteme mbH     Distributor in Wendover, UNITED KINGDOM

Stationary measurement device for the on-line monitoring of Gasodor S-Free in natural gas. The IMS-ODOR is an autonomous and fully automatic working device that is based on an embedded Linux-System.

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