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Model FC220 - Open Channel Flow Monitor

by Global Water Instrumentation, Inc. - a Xylem brand     based in Gold River, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Global Water's FC220 Open Channel Flow Monitor is a reliable and accurate instrument for measuring and totalizing open channel flows for all flumes and weirs, as well as for any gravity-type open-channel flow application. The flow meter measures water depth using any 4-20mA water level sensor's output including Global Water's highly accurate ...

Pulsar - Model FlowCERT - Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow System

by Pulsar Process Measurement Ltd     based in Worcestershire, UNITED KINGDOM

Pulsar's FlowCERT system gives you everything you need for the industry's highest accuracy non-contacting ultrasonic measurement of open channel flows. Designed for flumes and weirs, FlowCERT gives temperature-independent, reliable measurement and logging facilities.

2105 Network Interface Module

by Teledyne Isco     based in Lincoln, NEBRASKA (USA)

The 2105 Interface Module is a powerful solution for environmental monitoring professionals to interface different monitoring and recording instruments.

Model 2110 - Ultrasonic Flow Module

by Teledyne Isco     based in Lincoln, NEBRASKA (USA)

The 2110 Ultrasonic Module provides accurate non-contact liquid level measurement, using built-in software to calculate flow in weirs, flumes and streams. When used in conjunction with Isco’s Flowlink® 4 data handling software, that information can be managed and used in a wide variety of ways. With the 2110, an ultrasonic sensor mounted ...

Model 2101 - Field Wizard

by Teledyne Isco     based in Lincoln, NEBRASKA (USA)

The 2101 Field Wizard module provides users of our 2100 Series open channel flow monitors with a durable instrument to retrieve and transfer stored data. Unlike vulnerable laptop PCs, the Field Wizard is extremely rugged and is built to survive the hazards of field use. The Field Wizard can interrogate a stack containing as many as four of ...

Model 2103ci CDMA - Cellular Modem

by Teledyne Isco     based in Lincoln, NEBRASKA (USA)

This cellular modem module is factory configured to deliver Isco 2100 series flow meter data to an identified, remote server database. Data can also be downloaded from the server using an internet connection. The 2103ci modem module uses Serial Over Internet Protocol (SOIP), so a landline modem is not required.This ability virtually eliminates the ...

2151 Intrinsically Safe Area Velocity Flow Meter

by Teledyne Isco     based in Lincoln, NEBRASKA (USA)

The 2151 Flow Meter is the intrinsically safe version (CSA approved for Class 1, Div 1 environments) of the 2100 series Area Velocity Flow Meter. To ensure proper application, the 2151 uses a distinctive color, and has connectors that are compatible only with other intrinsically safe 2100 Series components. Highly efficient power management ...

2151P Intrinsically Safe, Permanent Flow System

by Teledyne Isco     based in Lincoln, NEBRASKA (USA)

The 2151P Flow System is similar to the 2151 intrinsically safe Area Velocity Flow Meter, but is designed to operate from AC power for long-term or permanent applications rather than from battery power for shorter-term, portable applications. Like all 2100 Series modules, the 2151P is set up via connection to a computer running Flowlink 4 ...

2108 Analog Output Module

by Teledyne Isco     based in Lincoln, NEBRASKA (USA)

The 2108 Output Module provides three independent current outputs for Isco 2100 Series Area Velocity Flow modules; the 2150, 2151, and 2151P. The 2108 is DIN Rail mounted and uses a 7-26V DC power supply. It provides an easy interface from Isco’s advanced 2100 Series Area Velocity Modules to data collection systems like SCADA/DCS or any other ...

2150EX Flow Meter for Zone 0 locations

by Teledyne Isco     based in Lincoln, NEBRASKA (USA)

The AV 2150EX smart Area Velocity probe is built on digital electronics, so the analog level is digitized in the sensor itself. The probe is also factory-calibrated for 3 meter span at different temperatures. This superior built-in calibration eliminates temperature drift in the level signal, providing long-term level stability that reduces ...

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