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ESCO - Oxygen Generators

by ESCO International     based in Glan Conwy, UNITED KINGDOM

The Oxygen generator is an on-site oxygen-generating machine, including: air compressor, refrigeration dryer, filtration system, oxygen generator, oxygen storage tank.

Oxygen Generator Concentrators and Generators

by Lenntech Water Treatment     based in Delft, NETHERLANDS

Our oxygen concentrators (also called oxygen generator) are available in the range of 0,5 l/m to 158 l/m and can be purchased with or without compressor.

ModulO2 - Oxygen Generator

by NOVAIR Industries     based in SEVRAN, FRANCE

For healthcare facilities with little or no access to medical oxygen, Novair Industry has designed ModulO2, the most user-friendly and high performing compact oxygen generator.ModulO2 is an all-included oxygen generator based on the PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology.Ready to be connected to power supply and functioning with ON/OFF switch ...

Jenway - Model 970 - Enterprise Dissolved Oxygen Meter

by Bibby Scientific Limited     based in Stone, UNITED KINGDOM

The 970 is a general purpose, hand held dissolved oxygen meter that combines accurate measurement and ease of use in a robust, ergonomic case. The display simultaneously shows % dissolved oxygen or oxygen concentration (mg/l) and temperature. All readings are automatically corrected for temperature with the option to manually enter corrections for ...

Faraday Ozone - Model 5lpm-OX5-01 - Oxygen Generator

by Faraday Instruments     based in Coimbatore, INDIA

Faraday Oxygen Concentrator is the lightest and quietest oxygen concentrator on today's market. At just 30 lbs. (13.6 kg), this lightweight, 5 LPM, compact oxygen machine is the most economical and power-efficient choice for in-home oxygen. With attractive, contemporary styling, a primary feature of this home concentrator is its near-silent ...

Model SEP - Oxygen Generator

by ANSEROS Klaus Nonnenmacher GmbH     based in Tübingen (Hirschau), GERMANY

Oxygen Generation Out Of Ambient Air By Molecular Sieves .Built In Molecular Sieves For Separation Of Oxygen Out Of Air.Continuous Oxygen Flow Up To 600 N//H Oxygen.Automatic Regeneration Of The Molecular Sieves.Built In Controller For Output Pressure Of 1,6 Bar (Abs.).Flow Meter With Needle Valve For Adjustment Of Oxygen Flow.Compact Unit, ...

Oxywise - Model PSA - Oxygen Generators

by CM Aqua Technologies     based in Juelsminde, DENMARK

The Oxywise PSA generator, a new generation of oxygengenerators for on-site oxygenproduction. The Oxywise PSA generator is a new generation of oxygen generators for on-site oxygen production. It provides a low cost and low energy solution for fish farms, well boats, etc. It features a new concept with a very easy service of valves and a useful ...

Oxymat - Oxygen Generators

by Oxymat - Oxygen Generators     based in Helsinge, DENMARK

Oxymat A/S uses two columns with molecular sieves to ensure continuous production. Dry compressed air is blown through a valve to the vessel where the pressure is built to reach 5 to 7 bar(g). Nitrogen is tied to a molecular sieve during the building of pressure, and the oxygen is allowed to pass through to the accumulation tank. While pressure is ...

Anseros - Model SEP 300 - Oxygen Generators

by ANSEROS Klaus Nonnenmacher GmbH     based in Tübingen (Hirschau), GERMANY

Application; Portable Oxygen Supply, Wherever Oxygen Out Of Cylinders Is Not Available.

Oxygen Generator

by O3 Technologies Co., Ltd     based in Binjiang District, CHINA

All O3 technologies ozone generators have the highest energy efficiency(lowet watts used per gram of ozone produced) on the market.They also feature highly efficient mass transfer system that achieves the highest concentrations of dissolved ozone.

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