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Stevens Hydrolab - Model Series DS5 - Water Quality Sonde

by Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.     based in Portland, OREGON (USA)

For maximum capability and flexibility, the Hydrolab DataSonde 5 offers the choice of any of Hydrolab’s 17 superior sensors on a multiprobe designed for either profiling or unattended monitoring (without the automated cleaning brush offered by the DS5X).

Stevens Hydrolab - Model DS5X - Water Quality Sonde

by Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.     based in Portland, OREGON (USA)

For maximum deployment life and minimum maintenance, the Hydrolab DS5X offers Hydrolab’s Superior Sensor Technology on a multi-parameter platform with a self-contained, automatic cleaning system that increases time between manual cleaning by wiping away sediment and bio-fouling that may be collecting on the sensors.

Stevens Hydrolab - Model MS5 - Water Quality Sonde

by Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.     based in Portland, OREGON (USA)

The Hydrolab MiniSonde 5 offers an optimized selection Hydrolab’s superior sensors (Temperature, DO, Conductivity, and pH plus up to two additional sensors) on a compact and lightweight multiprobe designed for either profiling or unattended monitoring.

Stevens Hydrolab - Model Quanta G - Water Quality Sonde

by Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.     based in Portland, OREGON (USA)

Designed specifically for ground water applications, Hydrolab’s Quanta G monitors up to eight different water quality parameters simultaneously. The Quanta G is equipped with a heavy duty 1.75” diameter 316 stainless steel housing (or optional PVC) for easy cleaning, minimizing the potential for cross-contamination. SDI-12 output ...

THERMOX - Model WDG Insitu Probe - Smart Flue Gas Oxygen Analyzer

by Ametek Process Instruments - THERMOX     based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

The Need: Modern gas, oil and coal fired boiler operations require dependable, low-maintanence, application flexible devices to monitor and control combustion processes. The measurement of excess oxygen in flue gas is particularly important for obtaining maximum combustion fuel efficiency while minimizing thermal or fuel-bound Nitrogen oxides ...

Hach Lange - Model sensION 6 - Dissolved Oxygen Meter, with DO Probe, 1-meter cable

by DelAgua Group     based in Marlborough, UNITED KINGDOM

Hach sensION6 Dissolved Oxygen Meters top features: Dissolved Oxygen -DO Probe. Quick calibration. All-in-one 5-pin connector. Stable resolution to 0.1, 0.01 mg/L; 0.1% saturation. Recalls/downloads/prints data via docking station. Measures/compensates temperature in °C or °F. Electrode holder.

Jenway - Dissolved Oxygen (DO2) Probes

by Bibby Scientific Limited     based in Stone, UNITED KINGDOM

Jenway have an extensive range of dissolved oxygen probes suitable for portable or bench dissolved oxygen meters. The probes for the dissolved oxygen meters have all been updated in order to unify the range.

YSI - Model Professional Plus - Quatro Cable

by US Environmental Rental Corporation     based in Waltham, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

The YSI Professional Plus handheld multiparameter meter provides extreme flexibility for the measurement of a variety of combinations for dissolved oxygen, conductivity, specific conductance, salinity, resistivity, total dissolved solids (TDS), pH, ORP, pH/ORP combination, ammonium (ammonia), nitrate, chloride and temperature.

YSI - Model 6-Series - Anti-Fouling Kits

by YSI - a Xylem brand     based in Yellow Springs, OHIO (USA)

Copper Prevents Biofouling and Extends Long-term Deployments. YSI's Anti-fouling Kits, designed for 6-Series Sondes, are reliable and affordable ways to significantly lengthen deployment times, reduce operating costs, and ensure high-quality data for continuously deployed water quality monitoring systems.

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