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Semozon - Model AX8400 - High Concentration Ozone Generators

by MKS Instruments, Inc.

SEMOZON AX8400 series is a family of compact, high concentration, ultra-clean ozone generators. SEMOZON AX8400 ozone generators feature a high purity oxygen feed gas, ppm levels of dopant gas, all welded construction, high purity wetted materials, innovative cooling design, and compact size, designed for high concentration, high purity ...

Zeta Potential Mixer the Next Generation of Static Mixers

by Dryden Aqua Ltd

ZPM Zeta Potential Mixer is manufactured by Dryden Aqua from 100%, 316 grade stainless steel. The ZPM cavitates the water, helps kill cryptosporidia oocysts and disinfect the water. Our ZPM also amplifies coagulation and flocculation reactions and can greatly improve the performance of AFM active filter media or sand filters. A ZPM unit should ...

OZONFILT - Model OZVa - Ozone Plant

by ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH

The ozone production plants of the OZONFILT range are fully fledged, compact plants incorporating different product ranges. The OZVa range includes seven types with performances from 5 up to 90 g ozone/h. These plants achieve high performance and reliability levels through consistent use of microprocessor technology in connection with mean ...

Model A23-14 - Ozone Generator

by Analytical Technology, Inc. (ATI)

The use of ozone gas is increasing rapidly in a wide variety of applications, such as water treatment, odor control, and food processing. As the number of ozone generators in use has expanded, the need for gas leak detection near the generators or at ozone application points has expanded. And with expanded use of ozone leak detectors has come the ...

Model 106-L, 106-M and 106-H - Ozone Monitor

by 2B Technologies

For industrial ozone applications, 2B Tech offers the Model 106-L, 106-M and 106-H Ozone Monitors, where L, M and H refer to Low (0-100 ppm), Medium (0-1000 ppm) and High (0-20 wt%) ozone concentrations, respectively. These instruments have different optical path lengths in order to accommodate this extremely wide range of ozone concentrations, ...

Envron - Ozone Generators

by Envron Environmental Ltd.

Ozone is the unstable, highly reactive triatomic form of Oxygen. Oxygen is O2 while Ozone is O3. In order for Oxygen to form into Ozone, Oxygen molecules must be 'pulled apart' and reformed. This takes energy in the form of electrical excitation of Oxygen which pulls apart Oxygen molecules. This is usually accomplished with High Voltage (Corona ...

EcoZone - Model EZ-1X - Ozone Monitor

by Eco Sensors Division of KWJ Engineering Inc.

For monitoring ozone levels near small ozone generators. Ideal for light commercial applications such as bars and restaurants, hotels, photocopy centers, water bottlers, fumigation, research projects, light manufacturing, swimming pools, and residential and whereverozone exposure is possible. For permanent on-site use and for portable work by ...

HORIBA - Model APOA-370 - Ambient Ozone Monitor

by HORIBA Europe GmbH

The APOA-370 continuously monitors atmospheric ozone concentrations using a cross flow modulated ultraviolet absorption method. The APOA-370 employs an independent, internal dry-method sampling device to achieve the highest levels of sensitivity and accuracy. The dry method, due to its minimal maintenance requirements and capability of ...

Model C-30ZX - Ozone Monitor

by Eco Sensors Division of KWJ Engineering Inc.

For water treatment plants, pulp bleaching mills, ozone generator monitors, photocopier and laser printer centers, fumigation projects, HVAC and indoor air quality systems, vehicular pollution monitors, research labs and pilot plants, and wherever ozone exposure is possible: the C-30ZX has a very fast and continuous response. It is rugged and ...

Semozon - Model AX8407C - Compact Ozone Generator

by MKS Instruments, Inc.

The SEMOZON AX8407C is a compact ozone generator capable of high concentrations of ultraclean ozone at relatively low flow. It is available in 4 output configurations fore process flexibility and the lowest cost by matching performance to process requirements. It leverages the innovative design for high efficiency ozone production with low-flow, ...

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