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UV Disinfection for Packaging Materials, Foodstuffs Surfaces

by Lenntech Water Treatment     based in Delft, NETHERLANDS

When exposed to sunlight, germs are killed and bacteria and fungi are prevented from spreading. This natural disinfection process can be utilised most effectively by applying UV radiation in a controlled way. Packaging materials can be efficiently and easily disinfected using UV-C radiation. Likewise, the shelf life of several foodstuffs is ...

Pulp, Packaging Materials and Finished Paper

by AmeriFlow Recycling Inc.     based in Paramus, NEW JERSEY (USA)

AmeriFlow Recycling Inc can source most of the pulp grades and packaging grades such are klb, fluting, tl, wtl,wttl, kraft papers,duplex board,mf kraftpaper, sack kraft paper. We also can provide special grades such greaseproof paper. Our fished paper department specializes in offset, LWC,and  SCA grades Brand new prime custom paper is ...

BÜCHI - Ultrasonic Package

by BÜCHI Labortechnik AG     based in Flawil 1, SWITZERLAND

Generate larger particles in laboratory scale spray drying. The Ultrasonic Package allows an easier handling of your product and increases its flowability.

Aeration Package

by Process Engineering Srl     based in Fenegro, ITALY

Utilized in the Industry to treat the waste water coming from Process Plant, the Aeration Package is an Industrial Supply. The Aeration Package is applied in the Aeration Basin of the Waste Water Treatment Plants. The Aeration Package is a Package Supply, whose BOM (Bill Of Material) is defined in accordance to: Process specification, type of ...

Model NP - Neutralization Package

by Process Engineering Srl     based in Fenegro, ITALY

This Package is a Complete Skid formed by: Mechanical and piping parts, mass transfer equipment for mixing, instruments, pumps package, main control panel. The NP - Neutralization Package has been properly designed to: Treat, neutralize. The In-let Water Flow sent to the Skid. The Mixing is achieved through the use of special Jet-Mixing System ...

Helier - Model hC - Columns and Plants for Mass Transfer

by Process Engineering Srl     based in Fenegro, ITALY

Columns and Plants for Mass Transfer Operation such as Absorption, Desorption, Stripping and Similar. The use of the helier-Structured Packing - hSP - permits the realization of Structured Columns for Mass Transfer. characterized by:High Transfer Efficiency. Low Pressure Drops. Reduced Fouling. Reduced Column Dimension. The lowest Column Operating ...

Sauereisen - Model No. 69 - Elastomeric Joint Compound

by Sauereisen Inc     based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Sauereisen Elastomeric Joint Compound No. 69 is used as a flexible expansion joint in acid pickling tanks; in concrete, brick and tile floors; for sealing joints of ducts and conduits; and for general caulking and sealing where permanent flexibility and adhesion are required, along with resistance to mineral acids and alkalies. No. 69 is not ...

PenePrime - Model No. 500 - Water-Borne Epoxy Primer

by Sauereisen Inc     based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

PenePrime No. 500 is a water-borne epoxy primer to be used in conjunction with the Sauereisen line of coatings, linings and flooring materials. PenePrime is specifically formulated to penetrate deep within concrete substrates. It is recommended to ensure maximum adhesion where conventional primers may not easily penetrate, or where solvent thinned ...

Di-Tube - Water Soluable Packaging System

by Randolph Austin Company     based in Manchaca, TEXAS (USA)

Di-Tube is an ideal packaging system for delivering surfactants, foaming agents, bacterial additives, colorants and other agents for quick dispersion into water. Made of water-soluble materials the Di-Tube is designed to carry the enclosed contents into the water source where it will dissolve and release them. Di-Tube will dissolve in concentrated ...

Di-Sol - Water Soluable Packaging System

by Randolph Austin Company     based in Manchaca, TEXAS (USA)

Di-Sol is a blended water soluble material that is formulated for specific applications and manufacturing processes. The polymer is then either molded or extruded to give the customer a product for the required application. Most of these products have been specifically manufactured to serve as an enclosure for carrying chemical substrates in the ...

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