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Snap Sampler - Passive Groundwater Sampling System

by ProHydro, Inc.

The Snap Sampler is a passive/no-purge groundwater sampling device that employs a unique double-opening sample bottles seal under the water surface using a remote trigger. Snap Samplers are deployed into the monitoring well, allowed to equilibrate with the surrounding aquifer, then triggered to close downhole. The trigger releases an internal, PFA ...

IH1200P Personal Sampler

by Entech Instruments, Inc.

The IH1200P Personal Sampler makes canister based, whole air sampling practical for Personal Monitoring of VOC exposure in IndustrialHygiene applications.

Passive Samplers

by Purenviro as

Passive samplers provide a simple, low cost method for measuring time averaged concentrations.Purenviro can supply and install passive samplers for the most common gaseous pollutants. These samplers can record very low concentrations. The results express time averaged values. Each sampler is placed in the field. Necessary sampling times vary, ...

Vapor Sampling

by Atlas Geo-Sampling Company

Atlas Geo-Sampling is well versed in the collection of soil gas samples. We have extensive experience in the installation and sampling of soil vapor. Our experience includes the collection/sampling of the following types of soil gas samples: Landfill Gas Sampling (Tier II), Methane Gas Sample Detection, Active Soil Vapor Samples or Implants ...

Grab Samplers and Restricted Samplers

by Entech Instruments, Inc.

Integrated samples are not always required but just opening the valve on your canister can lead to particulate contamination that will reduce compound recovery and can not be removed by normal cleaning procedures. Entech's Grab Samplers offer a solution for keeping your canisters clean.

Exposmeter - Model EGV - Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Groundwater Sampler

by Exposmeter AB

EGV provides a cost-saving alternative to conventional sampling methodologies, eliminating well purging and decreasing field labor costs. They provide depth-specific, time-weighted samples of dissolved phase VOCs. EGV is based on PDB (Polyethylene Diffusion Bag) technology developed by Don Vroblecky of USGS and Thomas Hyde of General Electrical.

CS1200E & CS1200ES Passive Canister Samplers

by Entech Instruments, Inc.

The CS1200E and CS1200ES Passive Canister Samplers are compatible with the 1/4' connector found on most canisters and give you fill times of up to 7 days in a 6 liter canisters.

Exposmeter - Model EGL-Tox - Lipophilic Toxicity Groundwater Sampler

by Exposmeter AB

Characteristics for EGL-Tox are the same as for EWL-Tox. EWL, EWL-15, EAL and EGL series samplers are packed by one in air tight cans. EWL series samplers are based on SPMD (semipermeable passive sampling device) technology.

Passive Dositubes

by Gastec Corporation

Passive dositubes are used to measure time-weighted average (TWA) gas concentrations over longer periods. Dositubes use the principle of the natural diffusion of gas. A dositube is a glass tube of a specific inner diameter that is filled with a diffuser and chemical reagent in parallel that enable gas to disperse at a constant rate resulting in a ...

Radiello - Passive Diffusive Air Samplers

by Eurofins Air Toxics Inc

Eurofins Air Toxics Inc. now offers analysis of Radiello® passive diffusive air samplers. Passive diffusive samplers offer solutions to many air sampling applications including environmental monitoring, ambient and outdoor air monitoring, industrial hygiene, industrial air quality (IAQ), and personal sampling.

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