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Model K19500 - Penetrometer

by Koehler Instrument Company Inc

Penetration tests are performed on petroleum products to determine consistency and shear stability (lubricating greases) for design, quality control and identification purposes. A standard cone or needle is released from a penetrometer and allowed to drop freely into the sample for 5 seconds (or a different specified interval) at constant ...

Pocket penetrometer

by Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment

The 'pocket penetrometer' is specifically used to determine the penetration resistance of top layers (measuring depth 5 mm) and of samples in the field or in the laboratory. Measuring range 0.5 MPa.

HyPen1 - Soil Penetrometer

by Pike Agri-Lab Supplies, Inc.

HyPen1 Hydraulic gauge is mounted in front of handles for easy viewing. Plastic handles for comfort & better grip. Depth marks at 3 intervals along 18' stainless steel rod. 1cm2 base cone removable tip. Choose from range: 0-1000 psi .

AMS - Pocket Penetrometer

by Art’s Manufacturing and Supply, Inc. (AMS Inc.)

The AMS pocket penetrometer provides accurate measurements of the compressive soil strength. This 6-1/4in unit is spring-operated, and it is measures strength in tons/sq. ft. or kg/sq. cm by pushing a 1/4in diameter loading piston into soil to a depth of 0.25in. The end area is 0.05in2. Compressive load is indicated by reading a scale on the ...

Model TG 30 - 20 - Penetration System

by Pagani Geotechnical Equipment s.r.l.

30 kg drop hammer. Free fall heigt 200 mm. Special steel rods Ø 20 mm; L 1000 mm; Weight 2.4 kg. Cone tip Ø 35.6 mm; B 60°; A 10 cm².

Model TG 63 - 150 - Penetration System

by Pagani Geotechnical Equipment s.r.l.

CPT: Maximum working pressure [bar] 240. Pushing force [kN] 150. Pulling force [kN] 160. Downward unloaded rate [cm/sec] 0 ÷ 10. Upward unloaded rate [cm/sec] 0 ÷ 7.5. Stroke [mm] 1250.

Model TG 73 - 200 - Penetration System

by Pagani Geotechnical Equipment s.r.l.

CPT: Maximum working pressure [bar] 220. Pushing force [kN] 200. Pulling force [kN] 250. Downward unloaded rate [cm/sec] 0 ÷ 16. Upward unloaded rate [cm/sec] 0 ÷ 11. Stroke [mm] 2000.

Rotary Drilling

by Pagani Geotechnical Equipment s.r.l.

The Rotary System inserted on the sounding rod permits rotary drilling with screw and allows indisturbed sampling by means of a standard sampling unit. Therefore, continuos helical auger permit utilization of such device as Screw-Plate, and other special equipment for In Situ Testing.

Automatic Self-Anchoring System

by Pagani Geotechnical Equipment s.r.l.

Our Penetrometers are equipped with an automatic self-anchoring system that solves the problems often limit the diffusion of Static Penetrometer techniques, considered as one of the most valid In Situ Testings for a correct identification of Soil Mechanics Characteristics.

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