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Peristaltic Pumps

by GeoPump, Inc.     based in Medina, NEW YORK (USA)

Peristaltic pumps provide a cost effective method to purge and sample from shallow wells. Options include the Model 5750 (12-volt DC) or the Model 5751 (12-volt DC and 115-volt AC) Shallow Well Sampler. Purge rates up to 1 gallon per minute with speed control adjustment to permit 100 ml per minute sampling rate.

Solinst - Model 410 - Peristaltic Pumps

by Peterson Environmental, Inc.     based in Tampa, FLORIDA (USA)

The Model 410 Peristaltic Pump is ideally suited for groundwater and vapor sampling from shallow wells or surface water. Compact, lightweight and water resistant, it has excellent field durability. Robust metal case makes it easy to maintain and repair. One easy-access control enables reversible flow and various speeds, allowing high or low-flow ...

Geotech - Peristaltic Pumps

by Argus-Hazco     based in Chesterfield, MICHIGAN (USA)

Geotech's Peristaltic Pumps are designed to remove liquid samples from shallow wells and any surface water source by vacuum or pressure pumping through tubes. The Series II Geopump Peristaltic Pump offers dual pumping stations: the first station speed is 60 to 300 rpm, the second station speed is 60 to 600 rpm. The liquid delivery rate is 1.67 mL ...

Model TR -200 - Portable Peristaltic Sampling Pump

by Cornelsen Umwelttechnologie GmbH     based in Essen, GERMANY

A lightweight, compact, battery powered peristaltic pump providing a fast, dependable and economical means of sampling fluids in the field.

Ormantine - Flared Tubing for Sampling Pumps

by Ormantine USA Ltd., Inc.     based in Palm Bay, FLORIDA (USA)

Flared Tubing has been developed as a direct result of customer requests. It can often be difficult to insert a sample tube into a peristaltic pump tube on ICP-MS systems – this is particularly so if a pump tube has a small bore I.D.

Solinst - Model 410 - Peristaltic Pump

by Geotechnical Services, Inc     based in Tustin, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Improved range of flow. Now the model 410 peristaltic pump can deliver up to 3.5 liters per minute with the 5/8' silicone tubing. The low end of the flow range is 40 ML/min (3/8' tubing). Peristaltic pumps like this Solinst (model 410) are perfect for use with .45 micron metal filters. The Peristaltic pump can pump water from up to 33 feet deep ...

Alexis - Peristaltic Pump

by Proactive Environmental Products     based in Bradenton, FLORIDA (USA)

Alexis small peristaltic pumps can either run on a self-contained internal 20 amp AGM battery or 110 volt electric socket. And at only 21 pounds, these micro peristaltic pumps are lightweight and extremely durable. The rugged Pelican 1430 case enclosure is made of impact and corrosion resistant ABS plastic to withstand demanding work conditions. ...

Model SP200 - Peristaltic Sampling Pump

by Global Water Instrumentation, Inc. - a Xylem brand     based in Gold River, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Global Water's SP200 variable speed portable peristaltic pump sampler is ideal for removing samples from shallow wells and surface water, including lakes, ponds, and holding pools. The water sampler is lightweight, rugged, easy to use, weather resistant, and requires minimal maintenance. The manually-operated peristaltic pump can backflush the ...

Model 12 Vdc - Peristaltic Pump

by Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment     based in Giesbeek, NETHERLANDS

This peristaltic pump, specially designed for use in the field, is battery powered and microprocessor controlled. The microprocessor enables an adjustable constant number of revolutions (which can be stored in memory), protection against overload and various modes of external control. Controlling the peristaltic pump can be executed via the ...

Model 410 - Peristaltic Pump

by EnviRent Corporation     based in Bound Brook, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Designed for field use, the reversible flow Peristaltic Pump from Solinst is ideal for vapor sampling or water sampling from shallow wells and surface water. It can be used for vacuum pumping and for pressure delivery of liquids or gases. Compact and lightweight, the Peristaltic Pump has no vents, grates or openings. This makes it water resistant, ...

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