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Model Photovoltaic Solar Panel - Photovoltaic Energy Systems (PV)

by Baymak     based in İSTANBUL, TURKEY

IEC 61215/61730-1/61730-2. TS EN ISO 9001. TS EN ISO 14001. TS ISG OHSAS 18001. TSE HYB 12690

Laser Drilling of Glass

by 4JET Technologies GmbH     based in GERMANY

A new product by 4JET allows the cost-efficient, flexible and material friendly drilling of glass in the solar-, display- and other industries. The new GDS systems allow inline processing of glass panels in a fully automated and highly flexible setup.Other than conventional mechanical processes, laser drilling provides for a touchless and dry ...

Jonas & Redmann - Model WIL and WIU - Wet Inline Loader & Unloader

by Jonas & Redmann Group GmbH     based in Berlin, GERMANY

As a rule, the wafers in the manufacture chain for silicon solar cells also undergo wet chemical procedures. The wafers are cleaned in an etching bath, saw damage is eliminated and they are textured. Another treatment removes the phosphorus silicate glass, which is formed as a by-product of the diffusion process. These process steps can be carried ...

Jonas & Redmann - Model WHD - Water Handling Diffusion System

by Jonas & Redmann Group GmbH     based in Berlin, GERMANY

The positively charged wafers are handled in a diffusion furnace with phosphoric gas. At furnace temperatures of approx. 800-900 °C phosphorus atoms are diffused into the waver’s surface. Doping occurs and creates a negatively charged surface layer. The wafer then has two different layers: the negatively charged layer and below that the ...

Model Ts 207 / 8 - Inner Diameter Saw

by Diamond Wire Material Technologies (DMT)     based in Colorado Springs, COLORADO (USA)

BEST CUTTING QUALITY WITH MINIMUM KERF LOSS FOR PV AND SEMICONDUCTOR INDUSTRIES - Our basic inner diameter saw combines the best cutting quality with minimum kerf loss.High quality and easy handling are additional features of the TS 207 Series-8. The machine can be manually loaded with mono crystalline silicon ingots or bricks and offers ...

Cometi - Model 6000-E - Shelter

by Cometi S.p.a.     based in Sansepolcro, ITALY

External dimensions (LxWxH): 2500 x 6000 x 2800 mm.The shelter is to design to house the control panels and users equipments for photovoltaic system with power up to 200/300 kWp, it has openings for natural ventilation and/or forced ventilation, electrical system, internal lighting, service outlets, alarms and various accessoires.The shelter can ...

MSI Street Light with Solar and Windpower

by Mola Solar Systems GmbH     based in Duisburg, GERMANY

Outdoor Solar and Hybrid Lighting Systems are suitable for example for these applications: Roads and highways, crossings, crossroads, parks, gardens, parking lots, driveways, industrial zones. For the production of lamps we use the latest generation of high power LED diodes.

TROSIFOL - Model R40 - Ultra White PVB Films

by Kuraray Europe GmbH - Division Trosifol     based in Troisdorf, GERMANY

TROSIFOL R40 ULTRA WHITE is a multifunctional product. This PVB film provides outstanding encapsulation of the module and its pronounced whiteness strongly reflects the light over a broad wavelength range. This significantly improves module efficiency and increases energy yield.

Model GlueMaster - Gluing Station

by Diamond Wire Material Technologies (DMT)     based in Colorado Springs, COLORADO (USA)

The GlueMaster is an independent gluing station available in five configuration levels/expansion stages. The GlueMaster 1 offers an adjustable mixing and dosing unit to apply the glue onto the workpiece holder, glass beam and bricks. Compared to manual glueing, this process saves in average 50 per cent of the glue.

Model DW 288 - Diamond Wire Saw

by Diamond Wire Material Technologies (DMT)     based in Colorado Springs, COLORADO (USA)

Diamond wire technology is a must for any manufacturer of monocristalline wafers who wants to achieve the highest wafer quality at the lowest possible costs and the highest possible yield. With its DW 288, Meyer Burger offers the first diaomond wire saw that has been developed exclusively for this slicing technology. Like no other diaomond wire ...

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