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Model PVAF-R - Arc Fault Detector

by Sensata Technologies Inc.     based in Attleboro, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

Arc fault detector with stand-off mounting holes. Enables compliance with 2011 US National Electric Code (NEC 2011 Article 690.11). Up to 4 CTs / 4 strings per device. Each CT detects arcs on conductors up to 15A, 1000VDC (60A for entire device). Multiple devices can be nested for larger numbers of strings.

Model PVSW Series - DC Disconnect Switches

by Sensata Technologies Inc.     based in Attleboro, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

Modular rotary DC disconnect switch for electromechanical isolation of solar arrays. Rated up to 32A and 1000VDC. Available fork or pin terminals. Available DIN rail, base mount, and panel mount options. Sensata’s photovoltaic (PV) DC disconnect switch has been specifically designed as a DC isolating switch for the solar industry. The PV ...

Spi-Sun Simulator - Model 5600SLP - A New Standard in PV Module Performance Measurement

by Spire Corporation     based in Bedford, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

The Spi-Sun Simulator 5600SLP provides superior measurement accuracy and precision for critical module performance measurements. The system allows for better control of “measurement uncertainty” by delivering Class A+ spectral/spatial/temporal performance in combination with a measurement repeatability of ≤ 0.25%.

Spi-Module - Model QA - High-Throughput Integrated Test System for PV Modules

by Spire Corporation     based in Bedford, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

Built around Spire’s industry-leading Spi-Sun SimulatorTM, the Spi-Module QA performs complete PV module quality assurance testing. This highly flexible system can be tailored to match factory space and throughput requirements and includes automated module transport to minimize operator handling. Systems can be configured for either ...

Spi-EL - Electroluminescence Solar Module Testers

by Spire Corporation     based in Bedford, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

High Resolution Inspection for Solar Modules. The Spi-EL series of solar module testers uses electroluminescence (EL) measurements to identify microcracks and other invisible defects in modules. The testers utilize cooled near-infrared CCD camera technology to image each solar cell with resolutions as fine as 170μm per pixel, which is ...

Spi-Sun Simulator - Solar Simulators and PV Module QA Testers

by Spire Corporation     based in Bedford, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

Spi-Sun Simulator photovoltaic module testing systems feature light sources that closely match the solar spectrum while avoiding the excessive solar cell heating caused by continuous sources. Spire's simulators can test either crystalline or thin film modules and can be integrated into your fully automated module production line, or operated in ...

Spi-Module QA - Model 3500 & 4600 - Automates Spi-Sun Simulator, Hi-Pot & Labeling

by Spire Corporation     based in Bedford, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

The Spi-Module QA is an automated photovoltaic module testing system that combines the advanced I-V measurement capabilities of the Spi-Sun Simulator with high voltage isolation (Hi-Pot) and ground continuity testing. Integrated automation provides efficient module alignment, transport, probing and testing. An optional label printer/applicator ...

High Voltage Test - Model Station 4600 - Programmable High Voltage Tester for Photovoltaic Modules

by Spire Corporation     based in Bedford, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

The manual High Voltage Test Station 4600 provides a protected, convenient platform for performing high voltage testing on solar photovoltaic modules up to 140 cm x 210 cm. The station consists of a rugged steel frame supporting an electrically non-conductive table top that serves as the module test surface. A dielectric analyzer is used for ...

LightSwitch - Encapsulant Solutions for Photovoltaic Modules

by Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics     based in Worcester, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

LightSwitch Encapsulant provides cushioning and structural support to solar cells and circuitry, while maximizing transmission of sunlight for energy conversion.  With outstanding weathering properties, it protects the solar module throughout its lifecycle. LifeSwitch Encapsulant is suitable for both flexible and rigid modules, with excellent ...

Spi-Glass Washer - Model 1500 - Photovoltaic Glass Washer

by Spire Corporation     based in Bedford, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

The Spi-Glass Washer 1500 washes, rinses, and dries flat glass in preparation for lamination, inspection, or other production operations. The 3-stage machine washes, rinses, and dries the glass as it moves over non-marking rubber coated rollers.

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