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Spi-Laminator - Automated Photovoltaic Module Laminators

by Spire Corporation

Spire offers automated Spi-Laminator photovoltaic laminators that produce modules up to 450 cm x 230 cm. These laminators bond multiple layers of materials together with thermo-plastic or thermosetting films, such as ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) polymer. The processing chamber of each laminator has temperature, vacuum and atmospheric pressure ...

Spi-Glass Washer - 1500 - Photovoltaic Glass Washer

by Spire Corporation

The Spi-Glass Washer 1500 washes, rinses, and dries flat glass in preparation for lamination, inspection, or other production operations. The 3-stage machine washes, rinses, and dries the glass as it moves over non-marking rubber coated rollers.

LightSwitch - Encapsulant Solutions for Photovoltaic Modules

by Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics

LightSwitch Encapsulant provides cushioning and structural support to solar cells and circuitry, while maximizing transmission of sunlight for energy conversion.  With outstanding weathering properties, it protects the solar module throughout its lifecycle. LifeSwitch Encapsulant is suitable for both flexible and rigid modules, with excellent ...

High Voltage Test - Station 4600 - Programmable High Voltage Tester for Photovoltaic Modules

by Spire Corporation

The manual High Voltage Test Station 4600 provides a protected, convenient platform for performing high voltage testing on solar photovoltaic modules up to 140 cm x 210 cm. The station consists of a rugged steel frame supporting an electrically non-conductive table top that serves as the module test surface. A dielectric analyzer is used for ...

Photovoltaic Module (PVM) Encapsulate Initiators

by United Initiators, Inc.

United Initiators is the specialist in initiators. Whether it's a small project or a unique application, United Initiators has an initiator that could enhance your product. We will deliver only the amount you need and provide the expertise behind the initiator to ensure your product works better.

CUROXSOLAR - FC1 - Organic Peroxide for Photovoltaic Modules

by United Initiators, Inc.

Colourless, mobile liquid, consisting of technically pure tert.Butylperoxy-(2-ethyl-hexyl)carbonate. This thermally stable mono percarbonate is used as an initiator (radical source) especially in the crosslinking of EVA for photovoltaic applications.

CUROX SOLAR SC Peroxides for Photovoltaic Modules

by United Initiators, Inc.

Colourless mobile liquid consisting of technically pure 2,5-Di(tert.butyl peroxy)hexane. This bifunctional dialkyl peroxide is used as an initiator (radical source) in the crosslinking of polymers (EVA) used especially in photovoltaic applications.

Uni-Solar - Photovoltaic Laminates (PVL)

by Danish Solar Energy Int. - Solcell Ltd.

UNI-SOLAR photovoltaic laminates (PVL) are flexible and lightweight laminates made exceptionally durable by encapsulation in UV stabilized polymers. The polymer encapsulation is partially constructed of durable ETFE, (example, Tefzel) a high-light-transmissive polymer.

Photovoltaic Metal Roofing

by Danish Solar Energy Int. - Solcell Ltd.

Solar Electric Metal Roofing Panels (photovoltaic roofing panels) are building integrated photovoltaic products. They are integrated into the roof following the specifications of conventional metal roofing panels. Photovoltaic roofing panels are intended for use with other electrical power components such as DC combiner boxes (for series and ...

JX Crystals - Thermo PV - Thermo PhotoVoltaics (TPV)

by JX Crystals

JX Crystals has pioneered TPV system development and has established a comprehensive intellectual property position on TPV systems and their optimized components. Our Midnight Sun Stove® was the very first commercial TPV product, demonstrating the basic TPV concept - generating heat and electricity from combustion energy - in a familiar ...

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