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Grundotugger - Lateral Pipe Bursting System

by TT Technologies, Inc     based in Aurora, ILLINOIS (USA)

The self-contained, hydraulically operated Grundoburst static Pipebursting procedure system makes bursting ductile iron and steel pipe possible. With such powerful capabilities, the Grundoburst is having a tremendous impact on the water and gas industries.

Grundocrack - Pneumatic Pipe Bursting System

by TT Technologies, Inc     based in Aurora, ILLINOIS (USA)

90% of all the pipe bursting in North America is completed using a pneumatic system. Grundocrack has replaced more than all other systems combined. Superior quality materials and unparalleled experience combine to form Grundocrack the most successful system for the Pipebursting® procedure of all time.

KMG - Pipe Bursting System

by KMG Pipe Rehabilitation Emirates L.L.C.     based in Abu Dhabi, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Is a well-established method for trench less replacement of water pipe, storm water and sewer pipes. An existing pipe is replaced size-for-size or up-sized with a new pipe in the same location. The technique is the most cost effective when there are few lateral connections, when the old pipe is structurally deteriorated, and when additionally ...

Model R2 - Pipe Bursting System

by Roddie Inc.     based in Columbia Falls, MONTANA (USA)

Pipe bursting is a method of replacing damaged or broken underground water, sanitary, gas, and storm drain pipes. Compared to traditional methods, it requires no open trenching. This saves time and expense, as well as sparing the reconstruction of landscaping, side walks, and driveways. Even though pipe bursting is a recent development, it is a ...

TRIC - Model X30 - Burst Sewer and Drain Pipes System

by TRIC Tools Inc.     based in Alameda, CALIFORNIA (USA)

With formidable power in a super-sleek package, the X30 is your tool of choice to burst sewer and drain pipes up to 6' in diameter. Accessory kits are available for other residential utilities as well. The X-Series pullers are the new standard for rugged reliability in home lateral pipebursting. Designed for minimum maintenance and maximum ...

Singer Valve - Model 106/206-EF-8837BX - Excess Flow (Burst Control) Valve

by Singer Valve Inc.     based in Surrey, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)

The 106-EF-8837BX and 206-EF-8837BX excess flow valves are based on the 106-PT and 206-PT Double Chamber main valves. The valve is designed to shut-off tightly when flow exceeds a predetermined amount. The 625-RPD pilot senses the pressure drop of the valve and closes the valve when the tripping flow is reached. Typical pressure drop at tripping ...

HammerHead - Model HB3038 - Static Bursting Unit

by HammerHead Trenchless Equipment     based in Lake Mills, WISCONSIN (USA)

The HammerHead HB3038 static bursting unit is design specifically for the replacement of gas and water mains ranging from 2' to 6' (50 mm to 150 mm). The HB3038 is highly efficient and easy to operate. The compact footprint offers minimal pit excavation and set up is easy with only two hydraulic hoses and quick-connect fittings. With 30 tons of ...

Gorlitz - Model GO 6000C - Trenchless Pipe Replacement System

by Gorlitz Sewer & Drain, Inc.     based in Santa Fe Springs, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Each chain operated Trenchless Pipe Replacement System, Model GO 6000C, includes all accessories to complete a 4” and 6” diameter pipe bursting and pipe replacement pull. The complete set-up includes the following five major components; (1) Model 6000 Power Supply ...

GF Harvel - CPVC Industrial Pipe

by Georg Fischer Harvel LLC     based in Easton, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

GF Harvel CPVC pipe is produced from a specialty blend of CPVC material with unique physical properties desirable for piping applications (i.e., improved impact resistance and good fire resistance capabilities).

GF Harvel - FlowGuard Gold CTS Plumbing Pipe

by Georg Fischer Harvel LLC     based in Easton, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

GF Harvel CTS (Copper Tube Size) CPVC Plumbing Pipe, manufactured with FlowGuard Gold® compounds, provides exceptional corrosion resistance for hot and cold water plumbing applications. Easily installed using reliable solvent-welded joining techniques, GF Harvel® FlowGuard Gold® CTS CPVC pipe is the quality, cost-effective choice for ...

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