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Air Plasma Torches (APT)

by PyroGenesis Canada Inc.     based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA)

Originally designed for waste gasification, this plasma torch has been used on marine ships for waste destruction, as well as on PyroGenesis Canada's land-based Plasma Resource Recovery Systems for waste-to-energy applications. PyroGenesis Canada's air plasma torch systems are also employed in other waste to energy projects.

Europlasma - High Temperature Plasma Torches System

by EUROPLASMA     based in Morcenx, FRANCE

Europlasma Torches & Process designs and manufactures high temperature plasma systems which have industrial applications in the metals industry, in waste destruction and in high temperature gasification.

Compact Coaxial Plasma Spray Torch (Minigun) (CCPST)

by PyroGenesis Canada Inc.     based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA)

Originally designed for Atmospheric Plasma Spray (APS) coating, the Minigun is ideally suited tor metal and ceramic coating, heat treatment, and small-scale waste destruction.

Model E12N - Manual Torch for Plasma and Microplasma Joining

by Castolin Eutectic     based in St-Sulpice, SWITZERLAND

Manual torch for plasma and microplasma joining, with or without filler metal, cold wire or Tig rod coating operations.

Reverse Polarity Torches (RPT)

by PyroGenesis Canada Inc.     based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA)

The RPT model has been used for plasma atomization of titanium alloys. The result is an extremely high quality titanium powder with highly spherical particles. The RPT can also be used for producing other metallurgical products where high purity is a key requirement.

PSC - Transferred Arc Torch

by Phoenix Solutions Company     based in Minneapolis, MINNESOTA (USA)

PSC's Transferred Arc Plasma Torch, with one internal electrode, transfers the arc of the plasma jet to the melt, resulting in a localized and very high heat. Transferred-Arc Torches can operate on argon, nitrogen, helium, hydrogen, air, methane, propane or oxygen, providing flexibility in applications such as continuous casting of metals, tundish ...

PSC - Non-Transferred Arc Torch

by Phoenix Solutions Company     based in Minneapolis, MINNESOTA (USA)

PSC's Non-Transferred Plasma Arc Torch houses both front and rear internal electrodes, creating a jet of plasma constrained to the end of the torch, while allowing the jet to be moved inside the furnace. The heat from a Non-Transferred Arc Torch is more dispersed than a Transferred Arc, and is suited for a wide range of applications including ...

PSC - Torch Manipulation System

by Phoenix Solutions Company     based in Minneapolis, MINNESOTA (USA)

PSC works with every client to custom-design a Torch Manipulation System that meets the specific requirements for each environment and application. The controls for the manipulator are integrated into the HMI, giving operating technicians a single point of control over the entire system.

OELMAIER - Model INV 250 / 300 - Plasma Inverter

by OELMAIER Technology GmbH     based in 0chsenhausen, GERMANY

Due to the combination of power systems up to 500 amps with the pilot current source 5-10 A as kit, it is possible to make plasma current supply sources of 250 - 500 amps.Thanks to the excellent ignition features of the pilot arc, the ignition for each torch is guaranteed. Because of the open circuit voltage below 113 V, the systems can be ...

WPC Torches

by Westinghouse Plasma Corporation     based in Madison, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Westinghouse Plasma Corp.  torches are sophisticated devices but their purpose is simple – they are high temperature heating devices.At the most rudimentary level, plasma is just very high temperature thermal energy. In nature, plasma is produced by lightning when it superheats the air around a lightning bolt converting the air to ...

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