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by Castolin Eutectic

Castolin can provide a full range of torches for manual or automatic operation, powder or cold wire coating, joining with or without filler material, outer or inner welding.

Plasma torches for the welding and melting of titanium

by Tetronics (International) Ltd

Tetronics innovative anode torch design has resulted in compact transferred arc torches, which can be constructed without the need for tungsten or other heavy metals that are highly undesirable in the melting of titanium alloys.

Gas Heating Torches

by Tetronics (International) Ltd

Tetronics gas heating torches are based on Tetronics’ highly successful Direct Current (DC) system, operating in a non-transferred arc mode. They have a typical range of operating power of between 50 and 300 kW and can accept almost any gas as the working gas to be heated. Their design makes them ideal for providing a clean, controllable ...

Plasma Gasification

by Gasification Technologies Council (GTC)

Some types of gasification use plasma technology, which generates intense heat to initiate and supplement the gasification reactions.   Plasma gasification or plasma-assisted gasification can be used to convert carbon-containing materials to synthesis gas that can be used to generate power and other useful products, such as ...

Air Plasma Torches (APT)

by PyroGenesis Canada Inc.

Originally designed for waste gasification, this plasma torch has been used on marine ships for waste destruction, as well as on PyroGenesis Canada's land-based Plasma Resource Recovery Systems for waste-to-energy applications. PyroGenesis Canada's air plasma torch systems are also employed in other waste to energy projects.

Accessories For Plasma Welding And Coating

by Castolin Eutectic

EP1 and EP2 powder feeders, in combination with our range of power sources and torches, fit any possible application. The pressurised EP2, the most sophisticated, ensures a precise control and ideal repetability. Its feeding rate, controlled via the rotation speed of the feeding wheel, is adjustable and programmable directly by the power source.

Shimadzu - ICPE-9000 - Multitype Inductively Coupled Plasma Emission Spectrometer

by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc

The simultaneous ICPE-9000 utilizes a large-scale one-inch CCD detector with increased pixel size and an Echelle spectrometer to enable high-speed measurement with the highest resolution of any system on the market. An extremely stable vacuum spectrometer equipped with semiconductor detectors, the first of its kind in an ICP emission spectrometer, ...

Europlasma - High Temperature Plasma Torches System


Europlasma Torches & Process designs and manufactures high temperature plasma systems which have industrial applications in the metals industry, in waste destruction and in high temperature gasification.

WPC Torches

by Westinghouse Plasma Corporation

Westinghouse Plasma Corp.  torches are sophisticated devices but their purpose is simple – they are high temperature heating devices.At the most rudimentary level, plasma is just very high temperature thermal energy. In nature, plasma is produced by lightning when it superheats the air around a lightning bolt converting the air to ...

Compact Coaxial Plasma Spray Torch (Minigun) (CCPST)

by PyroGenesis Canada Inc.

Originally designed for Atmospheric Plasma Spray (APS) coating, the Minigun is ideally suited tor metal and ceramic coating, heat treatment, and small-scale waste destruction.

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