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ENCHOICE - Model General - Multi-Enzyme Concentrate Created In a Cold-Fermentation Process

by Environmental Choices, Inc.     based in Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA (USA)

ENCHOICE is an USA manufactured multi-enzyme concentrate created in a cold-fermentation process.

DiaZone - Model Power - For Generating Ozone In Water

by A-Zone Technologies Ltd     based in Bristol, UNITED KINGDOM

Ozone is an extremely powerful disinfectant and sanitiser, it improves the taste and odour of water. After treatment, water is typically colourless, odourless, oxygenated, safer to drink and more palatable than chlorinated water.

Longen - Model Powered by China Engine - Diesel Generator 50hz,1500rpm

by Jiangsu Longen Power Equipment Co., Ltd.     based in Jiangsu, CHINA

LONGEN Power is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of diesel generator sets powered by Perkins diesel engines. 50Hz, 3Phase: 10-2250kVA, Alternator Brand:Stamford (Meccalte/Longen for option) , High Reliablity and Safety, Environmentally Friendly, Easy to Operate.

Diesel-engine generators

by SAUER COMPRESSORS     based in Stevensville, MARYLAND (USA)

Diesel-engine generators (also known as gen-sets) consist of a diesel engine and a generator. Given that they provide an independent means of generating electricity, they are a popular choice at production sites in remote areas or as emergency power supplies for major banks, hospitals, airports and even entire towns or cities. Indeed, a number of ...


by Komax Systems, Inc.     based in Huntington Beach, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Komax desuperheaters are based on a simple but sophisticated design concept. The cooling water spray is directed upstream from a patented mixing module called an 'Equalizer'. The steam flow turns the spray water and flows with it through the mixing module where steam and water meld together with very high contacting efficiency. Conventional ...

JASC - Purge Air Check Valve

by Jansens Aircraft Systems Controls (JASC) Inc.     based in Tempe, ARIZONA (USA)

JASC has manufactured and shipped over 12,000 Purge Air Check Valves for use on heavy-duty gas turbine engines used in power generation. The JASC Purge Air Check Valve is designed for continuous through-air operation with air temperature in excess of 400° F and operating pressure up to 1200 PSIG. JASC’s Purge Air Check Valve is designed ...

JASC - Liquid Fuel Check Valve

by Jansens Aircraft Systems Controls (JASC) Inc.     based in Tempe, ARIZONA (USA)

The JASC Liquid Fuel Check Valve improves fuel system reliability on dual fuel turbine engines. JASC’s high-flow, zero-leak Liquid Fuel Check Valve is designed to operate with fluids including Stoddard solvent, jet fuels, hydraulic oil, synthetic oil and air.

HVAC - Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning System

by Power Electronics     based in Paterna, SPAIN

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) covers agroup of techniques used for the cooling, heating, humidification or any other air treatment in an indoor space. HVAC has acquired an increasing importance in the design of industrial facilities and office and residential buildings, where safety and health standards have become very strict. ...

Steam power plants

by SAUER COMPRESSORS     based in Stevensville, MARYLAND (USA)

In steam power plants, the thermal energy contained in water vapour is used to power a steam turbine which in turn drives the generator. In the process, conventional fuels such as oil, natural gas, hard coal or brown coal are used to fire the steam boiler. In coal-fired power plants, coal is the only fuel used, whereas waste incineration ...

Hydroelectric power plant:

by SAUER COMPRESSORS     based in Stevensville, MARYLAND (USA)

In hydroelectric power plants, the mechanical energy of the water is converted into electrical current using turbines and generators connected to them. Given that the effective head varies, a distinction is made between low, medium and high-pressure power plants. Similarly, there are run-of-river plants as well as storage plants (including ...

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