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TAPI - Model 801E - NDIR CO2 Analyzer

by Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation, Inc. (TAPI)

The NEW 801E uses a state of the art NDIR CO2 sensor combined with the TAPI E-Series advanced microprocessor based electronics to provide a high performance analyzer giving accurate, dependable measurements of percent level Carbon Dioxide. This product is ideally suited for measuring extractive source emissions and provides a cost effective ...

Thermox - WDG-V - Combustion Analyzer

by Ametek Process Instruments - THERMOX

The reliable identification of low combustion oxygen in a fired heater or boiler has always been critical to the effectiveness of the Burner Management System for proper control and safety. Low emission burners and aggressive firing control points to achieve increased efficiency and emission reductions have driven the industry to tighter control ...

EP 1000A - Stack Dust Analysis


SERES environnement, The best solution for continuous stack dust measurements. The laser technology used in the EP 1000A analyser is the most efficient solution for all classified industries required to fit their stacks with approved systems. This system has been qualified by the French Ministry for Industry and Environment. The SERES EP 1000A is ...

Mercury Analysis - Hydra AA

by Teledyne Leeman Labs

The need to measure mercury levels in a wide variety of samples has become increasingly important. The most commonly used technique for mercury analysis is cold vapor atomic absorption spectrometry (CVAAS).Hydra AA is a fully automated mercury analyzer that achieves a 1-2 ppt detection limit while employing EPA compliant cold vapor atomic ...

Predictive Emissions Monitoring System (PEMS)

by Trace Environmental Systems, Inc.

Underscoring the flexible and open ended approach Trace brings to continuous stack monitoring requirements is the fact that in addition to providing traditional CEMs, Trace also offers the industry’s most reliable PEMs solution in the industry. Fully integrated with our DAS 2000 reporting software, the Trace PEMs algorithm module is deployed ...

MDS-20GT - Mobile Shredding Trucks

by Shred-Tech Corp.

The MDS-20GT is available on both CDL and Non-CDL chassis’. With a payload of up to 14,000 lbs and throughput of up to 3,500 lbs/hr, the MDS-20GT takes affordability to an all new level. Do More with the all new MDS-20GT.

MDX-1 - Mobile Shredding Trucks

by Shred-Tech Corp.

The MDX-1 is revolutionary! Ultra high security with the press of a button, throughput and payload up to 6,500 lbs/hr and 13,000 lbs.

Gamesa - G97 - Wind Turbine

by VG Energy

Multi-megawatt turbines from the Gamesa 2.0 MW platform improve competitive investment ratios per MW installed and Cost of Energy produced due to their versatile combination of a 2.0 MW unit power wind turbine and 5 different sized rotors: 80, 87, 90, 97 and 114 m diameters, to achieve maximun output in all types of settings and wind conditions. ...

Gamesa - G52 - Wind Turbine

by VG Energy

The 500 kW Gamesa platform bases its technology on speed control and variable pitch, while incorporating the latest technologies to extract the maximum amount of energy from the wind and to do it as efficiently as possible: Lighter blades manufactured by using fiberglass and prepregs, The Gamesa WindNet remote control system, Gamesa SMP predictive ...

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